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New Goal for me?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I started my journey in weight loss what feels like a thousand years ago and only now believe that I will truly succeed. I know that at this stage I am still working off the last gain from 7 yrs ago and when I reach that figure that I was when I last stumbled, it will be like being reborn for me. I am so close right now, I can almost taste it.

My way of eating has changed dramatically and I love it. I feel as if I am cleaning up on the inside. On the outside, I am boot camping and my body is changing. I have become adept at making my meal at midday while still cooking for the family in the evening. I cannot ask my hubby to eat like me since he does not have the same ailments and will fall into a bag of bones because he is naturally extremely trim. But that's okay, its not a hardship to keep me healthy and him healthy in two different ways.

With the inside and outside changes of my body..........
I feel well.
I sleep well.
I have energy.
I am happier.

My sister has had to quit boot camp for financial reasons. I am under a sponsorship so lucky me. But that being said, I came across this youtube clip and it was so inspiring, so guess what my next physical goal will be??


I wont be trying for running marathons, I'm not a natural runner by any means. At the moment I get so out of breath, even feel asthmatic when its time for cardio at boot camp, and often my knee hurts. But as the weight continues to melt away, I see running being an option for me. So maybe my sister gets a running buddy after all.

Its only a goal in my thought process at this stage. Maybe I will take up running when I am at the double figure stage on the scale....that will be in the very very near future.

So excited again, super unsure again. emoticon
I wont be the first or the last person to find running a good form of therapy to life.

My goal and I cant wait to see if I manage or not.

But before that reality, is a much more enjoyable reality set before me. My son has decided to send dh and I off on a long weekend in the near future. Sigh 3 days of being in the country on walks, all alone....what a pleasure. My idea of a sanity gift. emoticon

Hope you are having a good week of GOOD choices to receive GREAT results.
Keep chugging folks, keep chugging.
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