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This Is My Plan For A New Era Of Health And Awesomeness

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fresh fruit and veggies -- 5-8 servings a day
Lean meats
whole grains other than wheat
healthy fats
natural sugars
Dairy in moderation
Aspartame in MINIMUM moderation
Consciousness of Portions
Mindful eating
Enjoying what I eat
Learning new ways to prepare veggies
5-6 meals at home nightly & less take-out
Planning meals for the week ahead of time
Bringing lunch to work

Refined white sugar (candy, cake, cookies, donuts etc)
Refined white flour/wheat
Potato chips or other junk food
Negative self-talk
Hating my body

12-Step Meetings
Turning pain into art
Exercise & Tracking it
Using my sponsor
7-8 hours of sleep
Being honest with myself
Self-Hypnosis CDs
Medication until no longer necessary
Keeping a journal/Blogging

This could be really fun if I look at it like there are way more YES things than NO things on this list.

I did pretty well yesterday, last night: not so much. I didn't binge but I wasn't eating the best things, and caved when the boys clamored for pizza. I had two slices of pizza which is actually fine, but that was a white flour crust and YOU KNOW WHAT?? For today that's fine because after months of not paying attention to what I eat I'm not going to excoriate myself over minor details like that. I tracked what I ate. That's huge.

I woke up pretty early this morning but couldn't get it up to exercise. But I got up early, and that's a baby step since I usually lay in bed until the very last second before I have to leave the house for work. I used my extra time this morning to clean up the kitchen a little and marinate the steaks we're grilling for dinner, which is nice because (ANOTHER BABY STEP) I have actually planned what we're eating one day in advance so I knew what I needed to do to prep it this morning.

STRUCTURE! I am one of those people that HHHHHAAAAAATES structure but DESPERATELY NEEDS IT at the same time. Not enough to follow Sparkpeople's food plan for me, that's too much. But I need to make a plan for myself and stick to it. If I don't plan, I flounder and take the easiest way out: take-out. Can't control the ingredients and can barely control portion sizes.

I KNOW that my whole family would be healthier and happier if I planned and cooked every night. I wish I didn't resent or dread doing it -- mostly because of the time it takes away from me...HOWEVER, I believe that if I plan well enough in advance I can have some things prepared so when I come home I'm not spending two hours cooking and cleaning and wishing I was in the studio making jewelry.

If I were really nerdy I'd make a nightly schedule to squeeze in all the stuff I want to do before bed: dinner, minor chores, make jewelry, read my book, Motorchicken practice. Maybe I can't do everything I want every night, but if I make a schedule I can get what I need to do done so I can do what I want to do.

Most organized types will read the above and roll their eyes and think, "NO DUH, EINSTEIN!" but this does not come naturally to me. I'm a sparklefairy spiral-thinking ADD creative type who starts washing dishes and ends up alphabetizing CDs and thinks she's still cleaning the kitchen. emoticon

Anyway, I know what I'm doing for today: I have my healthy lunch, I'm drinking my water, I'm going to track my food, I have some fun tea to drink, my dinner is in the works, and after the kitchen is clean, I have band practice with my husband. If I feel like squeezing 10 minutes of exercise in, I will. But I might not, and that's okay, because I'm going slow.

Tomorrow I am getting up early again and tonight I will have my water bottle in the fridge and lay out my workout clothes so I can jump right in them and I will do 10 minutes of the treadmill tomorrow and if I'm feeling particularly ambitious, I'll do a Firm Express video, but 10 minutes is the commitment I'm making.

It's really hot outside, but the sun is shining and it's a new day. YAY!
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    HAHAHAHAHA I absolutely start doing something in one room and end up completely lost doing something else in the next room 10 minutes later! I have such a hard time focusing :P I have found that meal planning and making a super detailed grocery list has been SOOOOOO HELPFUL and it has helped us stay in budget (both financial and caloric ;) !!) I tend to make a list of about 5 recipes knowing that at least once a week we will have left overs and I'll probably be lazy and make breakfast for dinner at least once. It's been so nice because bryan also has a MEAL to take for lunch not some crappy fried something from the cafeteria (again saving money and giving him a healthy meal). I'm a total scatter brain but i have to say I LOVE having a schedule a rigid structured schedule. Somehow it works for me. Baby steps, good luck in your structured endeavors!!
    1519 days ago
    emoticon Laura!! I'm so PROUD of you!! You are a WINNER in all that you do! You ROCK!!

    ~ Monika ~ emoticon
    1528 days ago
    Baby steps are the answer! You should be proud of yourself : )
    1528 days ago
    My sister-in-law has told me to clean a room clockwise. She said to throw anything that didn't belong in that room into a wash basket and not leave the room to return anything to it's proper room until the room is done. About 25% of the time, I take this advice.

    Like your sister, I clean ALL DAY but my house always kind of looks the same :)
    1529 days ago
    Well done on making such a great transition from who you were to who you can be. I had to chuckle when I read " who starts washing dishes and ends up alphabetizing CDs and thinks she's still cleaning the kitchen." because you remind me of my sister. She doesn't have ADD but is terribly disorganized and also will start tidying her bedroom, pick up a teacup and take it to the kitchen, then start washing dishes, find a scissors, take that to the dining room and works all jolly day, getting nothing accomplished.
    1529 days ago
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