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FitBit here I come

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

so I was walking in the morning as I usually do in the heat yesterday. I check my pedometer with only a few blocks to go before I return home and what do I find? The darned thing went haywire and I've only had it for not even two months. I bought it at Sports Authority for $24 dollars so I am not happy right now. I have decided to contact the company directly since Sports Authority's return policy is 30 days. Most places I shop have a 90 day guarantee. However, this really is a company issue and I am hoping to get it resolved immediately. It could be a battery issue but to have to pay for one after only having the pedometer for less than 2 months leaves a poor taste in my mouth.
So I went on Amazon and decided to get the basic FitBit since I don't need sleep tracking and all that crazy. Just the stuff my Pedometer used to do like tracked my steps, calories burned, distance, time spent in exercise etc... I got it for $48 with free shipping in the blue colour. I see it in stores and on the FitBit website you can get it for $59 & free shipping but $10 cheaper is alright by me, I won't complain :)~ I decided I can use extra time to sync it with SP so I can avoid one less item to do on SP and free up time in my life. I'll make sure everything is accurate but inputting less info is alright by me if the sync feature works properly.
I just did my 90 minutes walk yesterday and guesstimated I did 10500 steps conservatively and I'll probably take tomorrow or Friday off depending upon how I feel physically & mentally. I like to take days off when my body or mind is screaming at me to do so not just because I'm lazy or some other excuse. I take at least 1 day off in a 7 day period but if I had to take 2 I am fine by it. I'm tempted to do treadmill work today but I like walking outdoors quite a lot. It is a desert climate and seeing greenery takes some work (like going over to the park lol. Seriously, it makes me appreciate living in Washington & The South as long as I did.)

Am I ever glad we have twice weekly trash service here because the garage was ripe last night when I pulled out the can. In my subdivision and many others we are required to keep the trash in the garage, in the summer it can get dicey as all get out. It is a dry desert climate people, ripe I tell you Seafood & Meat carcasses just all around bad times. It makes you consider freezing your bad trash for a few days.

I slept from about 830-9am straight until I woke up naturally round 230pm so I took a shower, washed my hair and did a little bit of work until 5 when I had dinner. About a cup of soup, steamed broccoli and chicken with the right amount of peanut sauce. I talked to my SO last night for a while. He is on business across the country for about a week, as much as I care for the guy I don't bemoan it when he is away for business. We are pretty evenly matched in terms of complimenting one another's personality. We both are pretty intelligent types I just have the upper hand when it comes to languages since he's English only pretty much. At least he likes sports like I do. I wasn't going for anymore men who dislike sports. I made all men who disliked sports a widow during football season and if they complained too much I said see ya. plus I watch baseball a fair amount during the season since I get a lot of Angels, Dodgers, Giants and Padres games where I am. Plus we get the ESPN, TBS, WGN and NY teams a lot so I am not lacking. I don't watch much basketball anymore and I've never been able to get into hockey unless I watch it in person. I watch golf, tennis, pool, bowling, ice skating, gymnastics, Olympic sports etc. It sounds like I watch a of TV but I rarely do since I find a lot of TV more than trite. I do watch the BBC for my shows when they are in season. I do old episodes of Frasier, and some 70's-90's shows occasionally but I HATE reality TV, most talk shows, and what passes for comedy these days. I have every season of The Sopranos which I am watching. JG does a fabulous job with Tony!

The SO wants to buy a house with me so we'll be together. He has a son who is high school age and a daughter who is going into the younger grade of elementary school. He and his ex seem to be friends and get on swell together. His son would be living with us and his daughter visiting since she lives with her mom. I'm not exactly a prude & I get it the young people are with it more than we were, those of us in our 40's anyhow. The son apparently knows this about his dad wanting us all to live together and tells me "It's cool white girl, you're more than good people. I get it my dad loves you and he deserves to be happy like he wasn't when he was married to my mom. They were more like friends." My brain just went okay now....
I know the SO wants to live together not just to combine expenses or anything that superficial. He wants to because he wants to be married to me. He's trying to get me used to the idea of it. We had less than ideal marriages previously but he's willing to try again. I could try again sure but I'm a little gun shy really. I've been divorced since 2004 and I like being free in a sense. We have a relationship where we are together and we don't go outside of that. I just want to be sure it doesn't get into a fella thinking its okay to dictate to me or act like he's getting possessive, I HATE THAT. I get destructive with myself when I am faced with such a situation. I don't want that to occur. It's a totally different situation a 180 from my ex-husband. We've talked about this and I'm fairly certain we'd be alright because we are both laid back people, we have our own interests away from one another & I'm sure we'd be okay but its a big change for a relationship. It requires thought to make sure everything has been considered with us, the children, the ex lol.
I'll probably write in here more later its about time for me to head out walking since its getting fairly light out now at 530am~

EDIT--I made it back to Exploration Peak Park and I got all the way up that mountain this time. I have to get all the way up to the mountain top next time for sure. I won't do that until Friday at the earliest and maybe not until Saturday or even Monday but that's okay because it is something to look forward to. I made it back down the hill without getting nervous or freaked out because of open air heights. I've been bad with those even if I can fly in an airplane with no issue, a helicopter or go on a Monorail etc...Its just open air heights that have always gotten me, I feel like I'm falling inside but it seems to be going away. I just can't look up, down and then back up again. Pacing!
I'm excited to make my mileage goal in 3-4 days. I set it up from 20 to 25 and I have a feeling I am going to shoot it up to 30 now. If I did 5 days at 6 miles a pop that's 30 miles. That may be a little too ambitious so I'll keep it at 25 for a few weeks more and see where I should bump it up to~

I Know Why I Was Cranky Yesterday! Can I ever have a birthday without my Auntie visiting me lol~
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    Bummer about the pedometer, I hope that the company that makes it satisfies you pronto. They'll probably send you an entirely new pedometer to replace the defective one, now that you've sprung for a Fitbit. emoticon

    I think it's terribly romantic that your SO wants to buy a house with you to help get you to where you consider taking another chance on marriage. I hope this works out, give yourself a chance.
    1556 days ago
  • LETHA_
    I also hate HATE reality TV and most talk shows.
    My partner got a fitbit last week and she's in love with it.

    Sounds like you have some big relationship decisions to make. Love is always a risk but the potential payoff is huge. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Follow your heart and you'll be happy.
    Best wishes always.

    1558 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/17/2013 2:40:59 PM
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