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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I've been struggling with gaining too much weight on the weekends.
Well...gaining the weight is not the struggle. Eating too much is the struggle.
I tried food tracking...and failed.
I had a crazy idea to track this past weekend and also post pics of my meals on facebook.
I did it!
I posted a pic of each meal and snack on Saturday with calorie counts, and fat, carb, and protein counts. I kept totals of each throughout the day. I tried to make the pics look attractive by meticulously arranging the food on pretty plates.
The encouragement that I got from facebook was awesome.
The scale was happy Sunday morning. I had managed to maintain the weight I lost during the week. Success!
I took pics of my meals on Sunday, too, but waited to post all of the pics with the calorie and nutrient counts until the end of the day.
I had my two grandkids on Sunday, so I didn't have much free time that day.
emoticon emoticon
Monday's weigh in was even better...another pound lost.

emoticon I consciously planned healthy meals.
emoticon I ate about every 3 hours even if I wasn't feeling hungry.
emoticon I made sure to include plenty of lean protein.
emoticon I ate lots of salad.
emoticon I kept a check on the carbs.
emoticon Only healthy fats...
emoticon I weighed and measured every food.
emoticon I drank plenty of fluids (sugar free Raspberry tea).
emoticon I left room for a couple of my favorite treats.
emoticon I tracked.
emoticon I got in a couple of short weight lifting workouts.

emoticon I never felt hungry. In fact, I couldn't eat everything I had planned to eat on Saturday.
emoticon When I had the urge to eat something outside of my plan, I thought about the camera. I told myself I could eat it, but I had to take a picture of it and post it first. This 100% deterred me from eating the food.
emoticon I now have a mapped out guide to a weekend eating plan that I know works and that I know I can stick with right in my very own food tracker.
emoticon If you are struggling...I highly recommend doing this.
emoticon I felt a little silly doing it, but fooey on that. It worked.
emoticon I don't really know why it worked over just food tracking. Who cares.

Sunday's food...

Are YOU hungry now?
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