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Reasons To Lose Weight

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why do I want to lose weight? What do I hope to look like? How do I hope to feel? What will I be able to do with a slimmer, healthier body?

I've asked these things of myself before and still have not met my goal! What is the problem? I love food and I love BAD food! I know we shouldn't label food as good o r bad, but I love BAD food!

So what is different? First of all, as many of you know, my mother died on 12/12/12. She was obese, morbidly obese, as was her mother. My mom tried and failed to lose weight again and again even losing 100 pounds at one time. But, she died of a probable massive heart attack or a blood clot breaking loose. I don't want to end up like her and like her mother before her. According to BMI calculations I am obese. I don't feel obese. In fact, I feel pretty good, but truthfully I have lost a few pounds recently and am feeling thinner, sexier and more energetic. I want more of that! I want to feel pretty again. I only want 1 chin! I want to look HOT in a cute little dress or some skinny jeans.

I also want to be strong. Not just sexy and pretty, but strong. I want to be able to lift things. I want toned and defined biceps and triceps. I want toned and strong legs that will walk, walk, walk! I'm on my way! I want my chest to go down.... Yes, I do. I stood up yesterday and my girls knocked a drink off of my dad's tray in his rehab room! A large drink! So, yeah, it should've been water, #1, and my boobs should not be so big they knock things off of tables! I'm short. I want my body to be petite.

What do I want to accomplish? I'd like to lose 5% of my body weight as I enter another round of the 5% Challenge. I want to keep exercising every day, even when I'm worn out from caring for my dad, my puppy, my job, my life! I want to drink water ALL of the time, not just after I have my diet soda! I want more veggies and fruits! I want to make healthier choices in the grocery store and enjoy them, not just put up with them because I hafta!

I want to dance again. I haven't danced since my mom died. I want to get back into my belly dancing and enjoy it like I once did and I want to be able to rock a new belly dance costume and show my tummy!

This is what I want.... I'm going after it!
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