When shooting oneself in the foot, should you be happy you're a good shot?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It didn't seem like THAT big of a blunder. As I sit here contemplating it...I guess it was all in the timing. Let me explain.

You may have read my blog a while back where I was trying out a new 'thing' called diet bet. It's an internet thing where you enter a game with other players, each betting a certain amount (depends on the game) in a bet that you can lose 4% of your body weight in 28ish days. Those who win split the pot (minus admin fees). I was all excited about it...except not excited enough (obviously) to do what I needed to do to actually LOSE weight. So I lost my first diet bet.

I liked the idea, though, and wanted to try again when I got my head on straight. The timing was perfect, as I found a new game starting just as my sister & I were challenging each other to a weightloss duel. I started the diet bet and things were going swimmingly. There were ups and downs, as with anything you do, but I was surely trending in the right direction.

Then came last week, the final home stretch of my current diet bet. This is when I took the ole gun out and started waving it around my foot. Yes...something that seemed like a good idea at the time looks like it backfired on me. I got my fitbit (a good thing overall, I think), and discovered I could sync it with Sparkpeople, which I did. Now all my fitbit activity would show on my fitness tracker. Oh Joy! said the gadget nerd in me. Then I loaded the gun and aimed it at my foot.

Somehow, I stumbled upon a new functionality with the Sparkpeople nutrition tracker. Since I had synched my fitbit, I could convert to the 'new' way of doing things, where based on my fitbit activity, the nutrition tracker would change my daily calorie goal range. You could switch to this 'new' plan, but once switched there's no going back. Having been voraciously hungry all last week, and having all this new functionality dangled temptinlgy in front of me...I jumped. I think I set this in motion either Thursday evening or Friday morning. Bang.

On Saturday morning I checked my weight and I was 0.5 lbs under my diet bet goal. I could win! All I had to do was NOT gain 0.6 lbs (or more) before weigh in time was announced Monday morning. Whoopee!! Not so fast...

I was racking up steps with my fitbit, and my nutrition tracker was giving me higher & higher calorie ranges. And was I ever loving that! A weekend, and I could legally eat more! YAY! Not so fast...

Fast forward to Monday morning...and I'm 0.7 lbs OVER the diet bet goal. What? Gained 1.3 lbs in two days? Yep. Derp.

All is not lost - at least not until 4am tomorrow morning (the official end of weigh out). I was still those stinkin' 0.7 lbs over this morning too, yes indeedie do. Yesterday I ate below the OLD calorie range, and I'm on track to do that today too. We shall see...

So I guess when something seems too good to be true...don't be so quick to jump on it, huh? Dang it!
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  • KLONG8
    Oh, this would have taken me down too. I'm still sticking with the tried and true old tracker. Just need to be more vigiliant and less haphazard about it. I find I've been "forgetting" this and that. And this and that causes me to gain weight. But look what you DID accomplish!
    1667 days ago
    I am so sorry you came so close and then lost your bet. Love that you are focusing on the positive and the weight you DID lose. About your experience with the new calorie range adjusting to your activity, I have a thought to share. I chose NOT to take on the new fitness/nutrition tracker feature and your post has reinforced my decision. Here's why: In my 60 day challenge, one of the rules is to "eat to your number". It's generous - 13x your ideal weight. You stick to it, regardless of activity level. The thought behind it is that as you adjust 1200 one day, 1800 the next, your body doesn't know what conditions it's under. One day you are in starvation mode and the next it's time to store for the next starvation. You pump out cortisol one day and tons of insulin the next. It messes with your digestive/endocrine/metabolic loops. By eating the same every day, your body learns to adjust to whatever you are giving it, provided it's enough to sustain a moderate-high activity lifestyle. Beware the adjusted calories and congratulations on the 9 lbs you lost - that's AMAZING!

    1681 days ago
    Waiting with baited breath to hear the final weigh in. Lessons learned.
    1681 days ago
    Hopefully you drank tons and tons of water too.
    1681 days ago
    Can you run a 5K at 3 am? emoticon
    1682 days ago
    They (SP) did say this would work for those at goal and maintaining. Others beware.
    That said, your weight could fluctuate that much anyway, even sticking to the lower end.

    1682 days ago
    You might still make it! Haven't given the new tracker calorie thing a try yet and probably won't. Since the old is working for me, why change?
    1682 days ago
    Makes me wonder about their algorithm. You probably should let the Spark programmers know. I don't think it is their intent to adjust calories in a way that causes weight gain. If their methodology is correct, you should have been OK.

    Frankly, I always override the Spark calculations manually with my own. That's why I won't switch to the new tracker. I don't want them messing with my numbers. However, in my case, the Spark numbers are usually too low (regardless of what they say about life style, there seems to be an implicit assumption that everyone is in weight loss mode.)
    1682 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/16/2013 2:42:32 PM
    Remember: If it sounds too good to be true.....probably is. Good Luck (no matter what you did lose).
    1682 days ago
    1682 days ago
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