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Why should I lose more weight?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The summer 5% challenge starts in just about 11 days. If I join that challenge I will be committing myself to attempting to lose about 7 more pounds. Why would I want to do this after having already reached my goal weight? On thinking it over carefully I find there are many reasons, most of them health related.

At my current weight I am about 3 pounds from a healthy BMI. If I were to lose 7 pounds this would put me well into the healthy range.

I would like to increase my endurance for exercise and other activities. Currently I tire quite easily. I have accomplished quite a bit over the past four months and find I can do much more before my body says quit. I would like to climb that hill from the garden without becoming SOB. This may not be possible as everybody else I see climb it is panting by the time they get up but it is a worthy goal.

I would like to work on my diet to improve anemia. I know this may not be possible because of kidney disease but that is better and with more progress I may see more improvement in the anemia which in turn would affect my endurance positively!

I would like my clothing to fit just a little bit better and especially to get rid of some more of that extra fat around my middle. This is not a healthy place to carry weight nor is it attractive. I would also like to work on toning my arms and torso.

The biggest reason to complete another challenge is to improve my health a bit more to where I can take a more active part in life and fulfill my potential. This may sound odd at my age but even in our 60's we still have potential and worth. God allowed me to be healed for a reason, he must have thought there was something more for me to live for. I want to do my part in making this world a better place to live for those around me. To do this I need to be in the best health possible.

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