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Negative Self Talk

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm sure all of us have done it, some to a bigger degree than others, but I know I hear it in my head occasionally too. It's that little voice that shouts "You're not good enough!". It may be the voice that shouts "You're Fat" in the mirror or it might say "You ugly thing" or it might even say "How can (s)he like me, I'm not worth the love". Your voice could be demeaning you about your looks, your personality or even your situation in life. It's constant and gnaws away at you.

Fortunately there's also that little voice. It's quieter, but it's always questioning the voice that shouts. It wonders "Why?" Why are you so ugly, isn't that spot there beautiful? Why do they love you, there must be something special? It knows that you are good enough and you are strong. It's just harder to hear over all the shouting.

You can make the quite voice louder. When you look in the mirror see the beauty the small voice talks about. It may start out with your eyes or your smile, but it always finds something. When you're looking at the fat spots, see the strength you have too, you have great muscles somewhere or you wouldn't be able to look in that mirror. Your voice knows why the person loves you, you can see it if you really wish. That small voice knows why you're worth it, make a list of the nice things about you, seeing it in writing will reinforce the small voice that has known the good you for years.

The more you let the quiet voice talk, the quieter the shouting voice will become. Eventually your quiet voice will be the loud one and you will be proud of the good, strong you there always was!

Today's Holidays: National Personal Chef's Day, National Woodie Wagon Day, Fresh Spinach Day and National Corn Fritters Day.
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