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Attacked by DOGS (w/photos)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yesterday morning I was out running in my neighborhood. The details are very fuzzy, but I don't remember seeing the two dogs. All of a sudden they were barking and one of them was jumping on me and scratching my legs.

I was so scared. I looked around and didn't see anyone. I heard barking and then a jump and pain on my leg. More barking and another jump and pain. Then jumping and the barking stopped. I was being bit. The attack had only lasted 5-10 seconds. I ran up to the nearest house and the dogs strangely stayed by the street.

I was going to ring the doorbell, but there was a realtor's box on the door. In my scared mind, I thought no one could be home. I pulled my cell phone out of my hydration belt and my hands were shaking so badly. I was trying to figure out which buttons to push to dial my husband who was asleep only 3 blocks away. And then I heard a motorcycle.

I stepped off the porch and waved my hands and yelled for help. It was a man two doors down and he turned off the motorcycle and just looked at me. I told him the dogs were attacking me.

At that point, there is more fuzziness in my memory. The dogs ran off, but I don't remember exactly when. We could see them one block down going around a mailbox.

I was so shaky and the man just seemed awkward. I asked if he'd see me home safely - it was only 3 blocks. He said he wanted to chase the dogs away. I was shocked. I felt I needed help, but didn't know what else to do. So, I started walking towards home... or running. I don't remember.

I turned the corner (we were actually at the corner) and I saw a deputy sitting in a car! I ran to him and told him what had happened and that the dogs were still there only one block away. He took off after them and I never gave him any information.

A couple of blocks before this attack I'd seen a friend run by going the other way - the way the dogs were now going. I called my neighbor and told her what had happened & asked if she had the phone number for this lady. She didn't. My neighbor met me and took me by the hand and walked me home. It was such a relief.

After talking with my husband and checking out my wounds (which didn't look too bad) we decided I needed to try and find the Constable and see if he'd found the dogs. I drove around for the next 20 minutes stopping people and telling them what had happened and warning them to be careful!

I found my friend almost immediately. When I told her a dog had just attacked me, she immediately got in my car and I drove her home. She said she often runs with pepper spray but didn't have it with her that day.

The two dogs have still not been found. They are kind of an odd pair. A brindle pitbull (or something similar) is the one who actually attacked me. "She" was fairly small for a pitbull, and I'm thankful for that! The other was a very short dog with long, black hair. The motorcyclist thought it was a dachshund. Neither one was wearing a collar.

Of course we are hoping to find both dogs both for the safety of our community and to find out if the one who bit me has rabies.

Again, I'm OK and feel more shaken up than anything. I did go to the doctor and am on antibiotics and checked and my tetanus shots are up to date. Right now, we are just trying to decide what to do about the rabies shots and hoping we find the dogs quickly.

I have 3 wounds. The one on my left leg is a pretty small scratch. On the inside of my right leg is about a 3 inch scratch with purple around it. The worse wound is the bit on the inside back of my right leg. Yesterday you could see the scratch marks of 6 teeth from the top jaw & 6 from the bottom. Since the bottom jaw is the one that moves to clamp down, it has left me quite purple. And, one of the bottom teeth is one that punctured me.

What follows is a photo from a few hours after the 7 am bite showing the teeth mark (bottom jaw is on the left) & a photo from last night.

Please be careful out there! Carry a cellphone & ID. Run in areas where you'll see other people. Carry pepper spray. Run with a buddy when you can. Let someone know where you'll be running & when you'll be back. Only use one ear bud if you're listening to music. And stay aware of your surroundings.

Wishing you all a safe, happy day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm glad you've not suffered worse, but do take care of the wounds you have and do continue to try to learn about the dogs' health.

    Terrible to think of the unprovoked attack. Could happen to anyone.

    Take care, and let us know what develops.
    1508 days ago
    That is horrible. Denver has a ban on Pit Bulls due to many, many unprovoked attacks. However, I live in the mountains and Pit Bulls are quite popular here. You wound looks painful!

    I am glad it wasn't worse.



    1509 days ago
    That Is scary and too stressful of a way to run. I'm glad that you are okay and wish I knew a way to deal with it. Obviously, it should start with responsible owners.
    Hope that you have been able to get back out there.
    1528 days ago
    Oh my God! How scary! I hope they find the dogs and their owner. I do not know what would I do if a dog chase. I usually stopped and turn around when I see lose dogs on the street. A dog tried to bite when I was a child (it only scratched me) and since them I try to stay away if I do not know the dog. Even if is a Chihuaha. Pepper Spray is a good idea. I hope that does not keep you away from your training.
    1532 days ago
    I hope they find the dogs.... and that you're okay. What a horrible experience - I have pepper spray, but of course don't take it with me.... my hubby carries it in his bike pack and we have used it on a trail in wisconsin several years ago...
    I only remember that I should have it with when something "alittle- not right" is happening around me (dogs that seem to not have a leash and master - or a strange person who doesn't have a dog!)
    I will carry my spray at all time now, and ID and cell phone. I hate being weighed down while running, but the alternative doesn't look good.... Thanks for your blog! ~ Patty emoticon
    1532 days ago
    1532 days ago
    I turned around and went home yesterday when I ran into several groups of dogs. Glad you are OK.
    1532 days ago
    So sorry to hear of your attack. Wow! Hopefully they will find the animals soon and determine if you need to get a rabies vaccine. Take care. Thanks for sharing your story and important safety tips.
    1532 days ago
  • JLITT62
    So scary! I hope they can find the dogs quickly.
    1532 days ago
    Scary! Thanks for the warning! I hope that you have a full recovery and that they do something about those dogs. It is sad that so many people want dogs but don't take the proper precautions with training and restraining their pets. Then some pet owners try to blame the victim, which is awful itself.

    My sister got bit on the leg while jogging on a rural road in VA and the owner acted as if it was her fault. Get well soon!
    1532 days ago
    So sorry about your injuries! Dogs can be scary. I've been bitten a few times - twice by dogs on leashes that their owners didn't rein in as I ran by with plenty of distance between us. I use a retractable leash for my dog too, but when someone is approaching, I lock it down. I hope they locate those dogs and find their owners.
    1532 days ago
    Holy Cow! That is so scary!! Thankful you are ok - as in not worse.

    1532 days ago
  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    So happy your okay.
    I always run with my ID on a wrist or ankle band (it has my name, blood type, emerg contact, drug allergies, etc.).

    I've only had 2 issues while out..once with a rottie that charged at me from across the road. I used a stern voice & told it to go home. Thankfully it stopped & just watched me. Second (which I totally forgot about)..I was riding my bike & 2 dogs came at me...only one was trying to bite me..the other was just tagging along barking. They followed me for 3 blocks.

    I just asked my boss where I could by some pepper spray. Between your story, the crazys out there & the fact that bears (& other wild animals) frequently come into & around town..I better start carrying some. Just in case.
    1532 days ago
    Wowsers. Never seen a dog do that before and hope I never do, but maybe I should pick up some pepper spray. I do walk and bike alone a lot.
    1532 days ago
    How scary! I have been "herded" several times by sheepdogs, but just nipping, no serious injuries. Still scared the crap out of me though. I hope you feel better soon.
    1532 days ago
    Holy wow. I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you! As a dog lover, and having some experience with overreactive dogs, it makes me crazy that people just turn their dogs out like that. :/

    Here's to better days ahead,
    1532 days ago
    I hope you find the dogs soon. I hear rabies shots are not fun. Thanks for the safety reminders. I do follow most of them when I am running, but sometimes become too relaxed. Sorry you had to be my wake-up call.
    emoticon emoticon
    1533 days ago
    How scary - I'm glad you're ok, but so sorry this happened to you! I've been frightened by dogs before, both running & on the bike, but never had anything like what happened tp you happen to me. Your story just proves we all need to be alert, aware, and have as much of a plan for 'what if' in place as we can.
    1533 days ago
    I am so sorry this happened to you! I also was attacked and bitten by two digs, but my injuries were less than yours. I always take pepper spray now.

    I hope you get better soon!
    1533 days ago
    OH MY GOODNESS!! I am so glad you are ok. That is scary!
    1533 days ago
    Wow, this totally gave me the chills reading this. I love dogs of course, the bigger the better but I get fearful for my pups sometimes if there is a mean growling dog passing. I only walk with my 2 pups and never jog. I only jog on my treadmill. I do however often walk my pups at 5:30 or 6AM. It is sometimes a bit dark. I have considered picking up pepper spray.

    I recall getting bit when I was a kid. No fun. Feel better. So scary.
    1533 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    That's crazy! I remember one incident when I was running on the Pinellas Trail here on the Floriday Gulf Coast. A small pitball came out of nowhere and ran at me. I immediately stopped and started to talking to him/her, The owner came running and apologized for not having the pup leashed. Whew, I feel ya!
    1533 days ago
    Good advice. So sorry this happened to you.
    1533 days ago
    Vitamin c will help get rid of the bruises.... When I was chased by a huge german shepard I stopped running stood my ground and yelled at him to go home.... he followed my directions.... I only did that because I couldn't out run him and I knew that breed was smart. emoticon emoticon
    1533 days ago
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