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Tuesday 7-16-2013 Assortment

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What did the vampire have for dessert?

Veinilla ice cream.

In the world of computer programs, what is a CAPTCHA?

A program used to verify that data is being entered by a human, not a computer robot or another automated program. Generally seen at the end of a fill-in online form, it typically asks the user to decipher a series of visually distorted numbers and letters. CAPTCHA is an acronym for completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart. The Turing test, named for British scientist Alan Turing, is used to evaluate the intelligence level of machines.

(I didn't know that!)

Longest running shows

PRIME-TIME DRAMA: Gunsmoke and Law & Order both ran for 20 seasons, although Gunsmoke produced more episodes: 635 to Law & Order’s 456.

PRIME-TIME COMEDY: The Simpsons. It’s also the longest-running scripted series in prime-time history. In fall 2012, it began its 24th year.
Twenty million viewers watched Ronald Reagan’s televised funeral. Michael Jackson’s: 31 million.
(I'm not too sure what that says about the world)
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