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Reflections and a Restart on the Spark Solution

Monday, July 15, 2013

So...that last blog post...a while back...I left you hanging emoticon

I did fairly well the first week. My calorie range is way higher than the book and I thought it would be tough or at least time consuming to make adjustments for it (much later now, I am finding that the thought would be correct). So, I didn't worry about the meal plan, just kept what I had been doing on that front.

I did do a few 10 minute DVDs that were a bonus gift for buying the book. I didn't think I would like the videos, but I do. I did not worry about doing X minutes cardio or strengthening in general. I just focused on more movement, and not worrying how I spent it.

One thing I did really well that the book introduced me to was the NEAT sheet. Basically tracking your sitting vs. standing time. I became a black belt in it pretty quick. One day, I only sat for 35.9% of my waking hours. That is a good habit to make or at least try when you hit a plateau.

I also answered the questions on the NEAT sheet about how my day went. That was a nice touch too. It's well known how journaling can be therapeutic, and those questions are a cheater type of journaling :)

The first week, I lost 1.2 pounds. Not bad in my overall picture of weight loss that is going to take me years to accomplish. But the second week...oh my...

I let life happen; sometimes you just have to resist it and other times you have to fight back. I chose to enjoy it. It was a fun week and I don't have those very often, quite honestly. It wasn't the food that made it fun, but I had been on a jag where I was STARVING ALL THE TIME and gaining/losing the same 5 pounds for a couple months! I'm sure in those 2 months, I had overate some days, but I really was following my plan. Fine if the scale wasn't moving the way I wanted, but I become a crazy woman when I am hungry. Apparently my body needed something and I was racking my brain trying to hit it.

So what was so fun? A birthday date with my hubby that ONLY happens once a year, about every other year. A fun day in Chicago with the family, that also only happens about once every other year or third year. Let's say it had been long enough on a Chi-town trip, that I was appalled at how high the tolls went up!

Do I feel bad about it? Not really. I knew what I was doing and didn't even feel guilty because I had been feeling deprived. I gained 4 pounds that week, but the next week (last week), I lost 2 pounds, so the dramatic change in calories may just be what I needed.

In the meantime, I had been reading how so many people liked the Spark Solution recipes. I'll let you in on something: I'm not a big fan of new recipes. I like to think that I'm flexible, but I'm really not when it comes to my cooking. I've tried a few menu mailers in the past, and while they had some winners, in reality, I have been honing my cooking and frugality skills for decades and usually new recipes don't fit my standards, in taste or the pocket book. I don't mind a new recipe here and there, but a whole week of recipes makes me crazy. I can cook so much faster on my own.

So, since my weight loss has stalled a bit, I thought I would change it up. Maybe I'm not spacing my calories right. Or getting enough protein, although I eat about 100 grams a day. I bought all the ingredients for the 1st week of the SS. Lots of members mentioned that it was expensive. I can't say that, but I made MANY adjustments in ingredients for what I had on hand, or what would be cheaper. My family doesn't do seafood, so I completely replaced some of the recipes.

Something that the plan has often is a glass of milk, sometimes 2x a day. I am a 3rd generation no-milk-drinker. Never have. Had a babysitter who made me do it. My brother could drink a cow dry. But...I do like chocolate milk, just haven't had it in, well, probably decades. So I bought the old stand by, Nestle Quick. I tried it in skim and whole and I like whole better. Even with chocolate added, skim is just watery. Once in a great while, I will have skim on cereal, which is funny, because I wouldn't dare try whole on cereal. Anyways, maybe my magic bullet for now is chocolate milk for more calcium and even more protein. That could be what my body was screaming for.

Today, we had the Bacon Swiss Scramble, which was very good. Subbed in grilled onion/mushrooms for the spinach. I would have tried kale instead (and will later this week), but I'm trying to get my family on board because I am no short order cook.

Lunch was to be a basic Turkey lunchmeat sandwich, which I swapped out for shredded beef (economics and high sodium were the issues with the turkey) that I made in the crockpot.

For dinner, the Southwest Chicken and Rice was just ok, but it's not my family's taste. It was very filling (lots of protein, fiber and a dash of fat) though and reasonably cheap to make.

We went to our local fair this morning (it is so stinking hot here right now), so I packed our snacks in a cooler. One really nice treat today was the book suggested a glass of milk with a banana and chocolate syrup in the blender with ice. We have an ice cream maker, so I threw whole milk, Nestle Quick and a banana each in the blender first to incorporate and then into the ice cream maker. It was really good. I love chocolate and I love bananas, but I wasn't sure if I would like them together. I made something similar recently without the banana and it was a bit soupy because of not having cream or half and half in it, but this time, the banana made it more creamy, so the texture was better. I was shocked out much ice cream it made too. Big bowls for not too many calories. That's my kind of ice cream!

As I mentioned at the very top, because I need so many more calories than the SS plan, and I adjusted the recipes for my taste, pantry and pocketbook, it has been VERY time consuming so far. We're in the middle of canning season (having our best garden this year) and my family participates in a local play in a few weeks (READ: late night practices at the school coming soon), so I doubt I will try week 2 until that is over. But, I've got a busy week and I'm doing my best to at least try something new and different to my routine. Remember, I want to be flexible, but I'm really not that flexible :)


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SPARKLINGHOPE 7/16/2013 11:20AM

    Best wishes!!

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BIGREDANGEL 7/16/2013 12:04AM

    Oh Molly sometimes you crack me up! Lol Glad you are trying it again...think I am too used to planning out my own stuff to follow a plan like that lol But hey if it works for ya :)

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