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Monday, July 15, 2013

old pic, I've let my hair grow so I can pony-tail it for walking in the heat.

I've been a ghost, so sorry, but it was necessary for me to take a break this last year or so. I have maintained my 40 lb gain because I've not been eating low-histamine (more like potato chips, Starburst, and even ice-cream - I should share THOSE labs). The doc had me change thyroid dose from 150mcg to 50mcg and I'm still astounded at how awful I felt. In my heart I knew this was wrong and allowed it because he was the smart one. I guess he thought by doubling my Cytomel from 5mcg to 10mcg that it was alright, but it wasn't. It has taken 3 more months out of my life. I think my thyroid's been hard to manage because of my stress, well, and my freakingly awful DIE-T, right? What am I feeding the poor thing?! I'm back up to 100mcg Synthroid and 10mcg Cytomel and thyroid labs are okay now. I was so depressed. Anyway, that's just the last three months. If you know me, you know I've tested a few other things since I've been on hiatus.

I got my left kidney (CT) rescanned and the cyst looks stable (though it's unusual to feel a cyst. A lot of people have multiple cysts and don't know until they discover it during an unrelated ultrasound), which is good news.

I sent my bacterial stool sample to The American Gut Project, but won't get results for 6-7 mos. I think it only plots your bacterial content in relation to others on some type of bacterial colony-type map so I don't even think the results are going to be that interesting. What might be of interest is that I'd been eating shabbily, so comparing future tests (I have 3 more kits) with what my diet was MIGHT be interesting - or will it change much at all? I've read it's difficult to change what you're born with; then to be taking antibiotics, drink alcohol, sugar, hormoned meats and dairy, yada? Oy.

I will post separately about my histamine/DAO enzyme test, which I was lucky enough to find a lab in the good ole USA. I'd searched last year to no avail; most labs being in the EU or Australia. It confirmed my suspicion and experience that I am indeed low in the enzyme to break down histamine.

It has taken me a year to get carpet in the master and stairs. We kept Dd home to save money and it's time for her to move out, so we're looking for a place for her. Her car needs $4k in transmission repair - it's an old Acura and has 180k miles, but the thing will cost less to repair than to buy new/used, so repair it is! After she's out, we'll carpet upstairs. I got sheer curtains made for the master and front door windows. I boxed up a lot of my books and made new files in the office.

The house needed a new roof due to hail storm in April, and we just got that finished. Grateful to have paid extra so our homeowner's deductible was less. Need to find painter to repair/paint the exterior windows and shutters.

I tested the well water and we tested positive for choliform bacteria. Just what someone who's trying to fix their leaky gut doesn't want to hear. DH prepped the well w/Clorox and ran water into the pipes and let it stand to disinfect. Now I understand what the leetle teeny tiny bugs were in the powder bath drain were from; it's a clue - doy ... :P

I'm still in emotional turmoil and not exercising much. I'm in pain even with low-histamine diet right now because of stress. I have anxiety. I will make a future entry regarding my new supplement regime soon also. I just started. It doesn't help that this spring has been so wet and cloudy. Yuck. I sure appreciate the sun, always have.

My heart has palpitations today, anxietyish stuff. I think it's because I should be doing something else and I'm on the computer - lol. Really. Anyway, I decided to open up my blog once again because I'd left a link to an entry for fibro-sufferers and what they should/n't eat. They can't read it, and it's not easily found on the net anymore. I want to help.

I started a team for low-histamine/biogenic amines. I should post an entry for that, too. I don't know if I have the time to devote to leading though. I like to pop in here and catch up reading on my friends once in a while. You know who you are. xo

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    Oh, I'm so glad to hear from you. Keep posting and keep working!
    1486 days ago
    It's nice to finally be able to visit your sparkpage. I really miss you.

    I can totally relate. My last labs in May sucked. They were so bad that my doctor was convinced I had diabetes and did an hgA1C even though my fasting glucose was good. I didn't have diabetes or even pre-diabetes so his nurse said he was doing the happy dance. I do still get some exercise and eat okay sometimes. My thyroid is edging toward hyperthyroid. My calcium is mildly elevated. My triglycerides are elevated due to my horrible diet (potato chips, ice cream - sometimes daily. The LDL is up too and my HDL is not as high as it was. And I have other problems I am going to blog about - heart related.

    I'm glad to see the house is coming along.

    I will be blogging more to let everyone know what is going on.

    1500 days ago
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