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My taste "buds" certainly have changed

Monday, July 15, 2013

Year ago I came across "Miss Meringue" cookies. At the time you could only get them on line. Now I find them in some stores. These were like an answer to a prayer. I bought the minis and you could have 12 of these sweet treats for 120 calories with no fat. I was in one of my yo-yo diet phases so whenever I "needed" a sweet to eat I would have some of these (sometimes all 12).
I still keep them in my cupboard mostly because I really like them.
So today I was preparing lunch and decided to put two on my plate, like a mini dessert:) While I was getting ready to sit down and eat my lunch I popped one of the meringues in my mouth (they are just a little bigger than a Hershey kiss).
I could not believe that I actually found this little morsel to be too sweet to enjoy :(
Working on eating healthier has done a lot of things for me physically and mentally over the past three years, but I never, let me repeat never thought my sweet tooth could be tamed. I am a foodaholic, not just a sweet eater and on this journey I have made some changes, but have never eliminated any foods....just portion control and tracking. So even though I enjoy my dark chocolate (which is the only chocolate I will eat now, unlike before anything chocolate would be eaten), my sweet tooth is getting sophisticated.....or picky. I am pleased to say the least.
So I guess if you are struggling with certain foods, but limit them (and of course track them) you too may get a picky sweet tooth. emoticon emoticon
Thanks for stopping by. Make healthy choices and enjoy your journey. HUGS to all.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have made some headway with this too. I am more choosey about how to spend my sweet calories than years ago. Some things are just not worth it. Congratulations.
    1648 days ago
    Life's a journey of discovery... Here's to dark chocolate! emoticon
    1650 days ago
    That is wonderful Barb!!! Good for you!

    emoticon emoticon
    1651 days ago
    You certainly have a lot to be proud of. You have worked hard and as a result, each day is providing special little rewards for you. I don't care for sweets anymore either, but I d have to confess that once in awhile I get a real craving for dark chocolate-which I never ate before. I only ate milk chocolate and now I don't care for that. Go figure! emoticon
    1651 days ago
  • FLGIRL1234
    Its funny how that happens. At least its a good thing! emoticon
    1651 days ago
    I just love this testament to how our taste buds change when we make healthy choices! Huzzah!
    1651 days ago
    I have noticed the same thing; I still eat a snack about once a day of a small piece of chocolate or a mini candy bar, but there's no way I could eat more than one. I used to just love mallow cups. The last time I bought them a few months ago I found them way to sweet and ended up giving them all to the kids. Like you I havn't given up any of the foods I love, just changed portion sizes. That really does seem to be one of the secrets to success. Don't tell yourself you can never have that again, or even worse that you can have it again when you're done with your diet!
    1651 days ago
  • JACKIE542
    I do understand this, I had a major sweet tooth, soda. Everything sweet, started by no longer drinking soda, now it is way too sweet.
    I still will have a piece of cake whenever there is a birthday, but I never eat the whole piece now.
    It really is something what eating healthy can do. emoticon emoticon
    1651 days ago
    What a great revelation! Thank you for sharing!
    1651 days ago
    I use to drink Mt. Dew. Sometimes 4 a day. This was before I started the journey. I ordered one about a year ago when I went for pizza and I didn't care for it, too sweet. I would have enjoyed having a glass of water with my mio better. Now, if I could just start disliking ice cream. emoticon
    1651 days ago
    I had to totally cut sugar out of my plan, and chocolate too. I believe both of them are huge triggers for me. I avoid anything fat free, because it still has sugar. You could probably make the meringue yourself, you will know what goes into them.

    I had a major sweet tooth, and now I don't. I believe cutting sugar entirely out of my food, has squelched that. I have done without it and chocolate for almost 4 months now.
    1651 days ago
    1 experienced a profound taste change in my perception of sweet and salty. I could have eaten a gigando bag of potato chips in my former pre-sparky days. NOW . . . they aren't even a temptation, thank goodness.

    Sugar . . . I agree too that my sense of sweet has DRAMATICALLY altered. NOW for me, fruit is plenty sweet enough for my taste buds, again, thank goodness!

    For me, it is definitely all about portion control and listening to my body. There ARE things I have had to cut out of my diet due to my diabetes, but even that doesn't make me feel deprived, because there is so much that I CAN have!

    Great blog Barb. It really is inspirational . . . for those just starting out and those of us in maintenance.

    1651 days ago
    What a great non-scale victory. Love the blog and that means there's hope for all of us with a sweet tooth. Now if I could only find a cure for craving ice ice cream, that is. lol
    1651 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    that is great that your sweet tooth is now picky! what a great thing to learn after all these years. I like just a small amount of chocolate after dinner just to satisfy the sweet tooth in me. After looking at calorie content and thinking about how many hours it would take to burn if off, it has made me think twice about how much and what I will eat to satisfy that craving.
    Great job in finding this great discovery about yourself. It is true that our tastes change and pretty soon, something you never thought you could live without doesn't even sound that good. Here is to making healthy choices!! Hurray!!
    1651 days ago
    Isn't it wonderful some of the non-scale victories we win here and there without even really being aware of it!? I totally understand as I have been there, too!
    Hope you are having a super day, my friend!! ((HUGS))
    1651 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    Thanks for the hope! Oh, I too have a sweet tooth. It's good to know that as I get healthier that maybe I will only need a good piece of dark chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth!
    1651 days ago
    Yay! That's always fun to find something that you used to love isn't quite as delicious as you remember it. That was the same thing that happened with diet coke and me and I used to be a "you'll pry it from my cold dead hands", but once I introduced water, water just tasted better. emoticon
    1651 days ago
    What an awesome blog! Hearing your story gives me hope that eventually I will get my salty/crunchy tooth under control! Thanks for sharing.
    1651 days ago
    Here's to a picky sweet tooth. emoticon
    1651 days ago
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