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Monday, July 15, 2013

Take one Weetbix.
Take an Aero chocolate bar.
Crumble the Aero over the Weetbix.


Okay, so you realize I was just joking.
Nothing good comes that easy, even though we wish it did.

On a more serious note.....I am still going strong (thankfully) and while I am tired from boot camp every day, the 40 day challenge is almost over and then it goes back to 3 days a week. One good thing about going every day is that my muscles don't hurt between days like they do when I only go 3 days a week. Still, money rules, so back to 3 days it will be.

Tonight our young weight loss challenge lady was SO SWEET. I told her that I would not be returning after this challenge finishes at the end of this month, but asked if she would mind if I came once a month to weigh in on her scale to measure my organs, visceral fat etc until my scale measures me. The scale my son bought, does all of that, but only from a certain weight....and with all my weight loss....I'm still not at THAT weight. emoticon
She said I could come with pleasure, and could go one further....she offered for me to come anytime I want and gave me a "lifetime membership" as her BIG SUCCESS story. She offered for me to come to any lecture, anytime if I felt my motivation slipping. How sweet is that?!
For the here and now, I don't think I will need that.....but you never know, and its great to know that its on offer. All she would like from me in return, is to join her at her Herbal Life meeting this sat from 10-12am so she can parade me.......oh my emoticon

Last week I had an incredibly busy week of sewing, dyeing clothes, repairing clothes etc. But Im happy to say that I managed to eat right the entire time, despite eating out with my nieces parents who were down for the week. Her folks did not recognize me at all. When they came into the room, I had my back to them chatting to a friend. My hair was in a short bob the last time they saw me and I was 16.2 kgs (35 pounds) heavier. My nieces mom is one of those very affected and vocal people who ends her sentences with DAHLINGGGG and while its normally annoying...I did enjoy hearing "dahlingggg I cant believe how wonderful you look-10 years younger and radiant" I must be getting fickle. LOL

Anyway, I must be off, early start to the day tomorrow.
Hope you all have a good week and think twice about what you eat....after all.....a week from eating it, you wont recall what it was you ate....so the question is....is it worth it?
OOOOO it isnt! emoticon
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