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Monday, July 15, 2013

So it's been a month since my last blog. Have had a few weeks with no practices or any type of games. It's been nice but my days have been filled with other items that need to get done. Like with weekend we worked on getting a spoilers on both the truck and my car, along with cleaning my boyfriends rental. Things are getting there but it seems as soon as you get one thing crossed off ten more items have accumulated.

Now I see going back to school ad's running and I feel the whirlwind of fall starting to kick into gear. Trying to put a schedule together so I can feel like I have some control of what's going on. But right now there seems to be too many unknowns. I know some what of what my school schedule will be. I am hoping that an earlier Math class opens but for now the earliest is 9 am. I swapped my english class for afternoons instead of early morning. That was a hard one to do at 8 am in the morning, my created "juices" are not flowing at that time, so the afternoon class should be a good fit. But until the first day I can not say for sure when my tests will be and mark important dates as such.

Then come mid August tackle football will start; assisting on the coaching team for that. Glad my son is picking sports through school this year. Although he does plan on coaching the younger league basketball which I will have to help assist, but that shouldn't start till the end of October.

I will be glad when school starts though. Reason? Right now I am the only one that needs to get up early in the morning. My son doesn't work or have school right now, although he does help my mom out with her business. So on those days he is up early, but my boyfriend and his son not so much. I try so hard to make him see that I can't stay up till midnight / 1 am and get up at 6 in the morning to get ready for work and be expected to function. Couple of nights of that and I am one crabby person. Wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't sitting at a desk all day, but I find at about 3 in the afternoon I want to take a nap and sometime nodding off at my desk.

This is why I am so about getting a schedule done. This why he has a copy of it and can look to see what I have coming up and know if he can request that I stay up late to help him out after his son goes to bed. Now granted the childs bedtime is supposed to be 10 but there are many times I get over there and his son is still up and doesn't go to bed till 11.

I need to get a back bone and put my foot down and when the time comes for me to get some shut eye, be like I am sorry but your time is up, I need 7 - 8 hours of sleep and if I don't go to bed right now I will not get that sleep and tomorrow will not be a very good day for you.

So there are my thoughts for the day. . . . .going to try and work on this sleep thing and if people around me don't like the fact that I don't have time to help them out when it's convent for them but not so much for me, just too bad. I am not rearranging my schedule to work for them no more.

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    Great attitude. I am so proud of you.
    1526 days ago
    emoticon but be good to yourself!
    1531 days ago
    I totally feel your pain...it really sucks when no one else seems to be in sync with your schedule and sleeping pattern! Summer always seems to be toughest on me because my girls never want to go to bed on time ('AWW Mom! but its SUMMER!")...believe me when I say I sometimes with I didn't have to work in the morning and could just curl back into bed until I feel I've had enough sleep! During the winter months, I get the same thing from my husband because he's off at that time..at least then he helps pick up/drop off the girls as needed so I don't have to stress to get home on time or get them ready in the morning before work.

    You need to advocate for yourself...its not putting your foot down because no one is getting in trouble, but if your BF doesn't understand that time for yourself and even just getting to bed on time are important for you then maybe you need to have a different type of talk... The only one who will push you the way you need to be pushed is YOU...and I have a feeling you are strong enough to do that!

    I understand busy...but what I've come to realize for myself that I need to make a hole in that crazy schedule for myself, or it will take me over and I will lose ME...You need to do that for you too!! I will be cheering for you emoticon
    1532 days ago
    Absolutely! I am not sure what BF needs your help with but seriously, he is a grown man let him figure it out. And if he can't than maybe he will have the respect to ask "what time is best for you to help me out?"

    Best of luck!

    hugs, Anne
    1532 days ago
    You can do it and you are worth it!!!
    1533 days ago
    1533 days ago
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