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My big swim, and my friends big run

Monday, July 15, 2013

We went back to the lake this weekend. (Timothy Lake) I was actually up there from Wednesday night on. Donut man had to work Thursday so he commuted from the lake for the day. I was not aloud to swim with out him up there so I spent the morning Kayaking out in the lake. It was so peaceful up there.

Friday we had grand plans and well we did a morning Kayak and that was about all we did in the end. Some days you just need to relax around camp.

Thursday night while star gazing DONUT MAN suggested that I swim across the lake. We have Kayaked across many times. But to swim it. Yikes it's a long way, I don't think I'm that great yet, and well it might be something to work up to.

Saturday morning we got up early (5:30 am)! They happened to be having an Ultra Marathon Race up there. That is 50 miles of trail running! I have no desire to do this. My running coach was doing this run. It was his big event for the year that he's been training for. So as we happened to be up there this same weekend I felt we could go and wish him good luck.

When we arrived and was looking around he wasn't there yet. Then they showed up he was looking nervous/anxious, and frazzled all at the same time. When I saw him he lit up like a christmas tree. I know how it is just to see a familiar face in the crowd so far from home. He had his girlfriend with him, but to see a friend, someone who didn't have to be there to support you.

I asked him when he would be back. He planed to run through again at in about 3 1/2 hours. He was running on part of the trail that goes by our camp ground.

So Donut man and I went back to the lake and had our morning Kayak, and breakfast. We then walked down to the end of the lake to wait from them to come over the bridge. They had to make a turn right there and we where cheering them all on. They where close to 26 miles at that point. Some of them got distracted with us cheering that they would blast past the turn. We would set them straight.

After being there for about 40 min I was about to give up on my friend, and head back to camp. When we saw one more in a bright green shirt coming. It was him I took his picture and we sent him on his way. Life was still good for him at that moment.

Now the fog on the lake had cleared off and the lake was calm as glass. So I decided it was time for my swim practice. I wanted to swim out to the middle of the lake where I could see the MT. So I did. It only took me 20 min and so I swam a little farther. The conditions on the lake was perfect. So I swam a little bit more. Finally I told my husband I was going to go for it. I swam all the way across the lake. The distance 1.2 miles! The same distance in a 1/2 Iron Man! I can do it!!!! I'm slow but I just kept going. I had to stop a few times due to boats going by. It will so make my Triathlon sprint swim seam easy next month. Next year I will be swimming there and back.

OH yah how am I to get back? I can't swim back, and I have no shoes. Um.. my husband had his sandals on and so he offered to walk part way around the lake, and I was to Kayak back, then get the truck and meet him at the dam. The wind picked up and the wave had white caps on them. Great! Oh remember my arms are tired now! Got back and met my husband half way across the dam.

Now it was time for lunch and a bike ride. I wanted to ride up to the finish line of my friend. It was only 2 miles but I was going to ride back afterwards. Donut man was going to go up the hill. My friend had hoped to be done with his race in about 8 1/2 hours. So we were getting close to time.

I waited, and waited and waited.... 8 hours ticks by. then it's 9 hours. waiting. They have no record of him reaching the last 2 check points. We don't see his girl friend. I was starting to worry a lot! Told my husband something went wrong. He shouldn't have been this late. Now it's also HOT, hitting close to 90 degrees, and we are in elevation. ect.

I finally see his girlfriend and we connect up with her. She was so happy to see us. She had no idea where he was either. She had seen him at one of the check points but that was it. He was late. I gave her a hug and she started crying. She was so worried. Oh and the car battery had died, there is no cell phone service. As we calmed her down, and stood there with her a runner came out of the woods. We are looking and she asked is he wearing a visor he has a visor on. Well he'd changed his shirt too (that thru me off some) however I know his run. I was all that looks like him, that's his run.

And as he ran by he looked at us all and said "WOW! JUST WOW!" and ran to the finish line. He did the run in 10:20 min.

He said the heat got to him, he got dehydrated, got lost once, and there was a big HILL at mile 40! He was so happy that we where there with his girl friend and just there in general. We gave them a jump and they where on there way.

It wasn't until sunday morning that I fully wrapped my mind around swimming across the lake. It make the dream of a 1/2 Ironman seam possible. To have gone from freaking out in OWS to swimming 1.2 miles across a lake in 2 weeks is nothing short of AWSOME!

Now to get back to all the other training!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1705 days ago
    Wow! Both of you rock!
    1705 days ago
    Sounds like a nice time at the lake and congrats on swimming across it! I'm glad your friend was OK, I was getting a bit worried when he was so late.
    1706 days ago
    Swimming!!! You have found the good part of exercise now...
    1706 days ago
    Awesome job on the swim, and how very cool (and special) to get to cheer your coach on to completing an ultra. You are going to make it to that 1/2 Ironman, just keep putting in the training and taking care of yourself. WOO HOO for you!
    1706 days ago
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