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A Letter To Myself

Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Self,

You've lived many years with this body of mine and I feel for you with all the ups and downs in life. For all you've gone through, thick and thin. You started out being a very skinny child with me and my mother didn't ever think that I'd have a weight problem. Ha! That didn't last long! I started to get chubby when in grade school and then all through school until high school, when I worked hard to slim down and then several years after getting married and then with not being able to get pregnant and having a low thyroid, I steadily climbed back up in weight and then with being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I literally gave up ever losing weight, with being on Prednisone and with knowing the horror story of that causing weight! So you had to live in this chubby body with me all these years until I found SparkPeople, being praised on a WW message board! And then things started looking up! I bet you felt that there was hope afterall! You have gotten so tired of being overweight, of people staring at you, of being the fattest person in the room, of not being able to find nice looking clothes, for having a very low self esteem, for hating to be in photos, for being so ashamed of being in this body. But now you have seen me shrink this body to the point that you know this works. You know that with me increasing exercise and with watching what I eat and with tracking everything, that the weight does come off! You know that I have to keep strong, that I have to tell myself every day that I can do it, that I can eat my 5 freggies each day, that I can eat healthy fats. I know that there are days where I feel more weak, when I feel that I could eat everything I see, but I know that if I just listen to you, I can ignore those things and choose healthy. I know that you deep down want to be in a healthy body. I will keep listening to you and all during those future tough times, I will take heed to you because you and I both, want to be healthy more than anything in this life. We know that we are so worth it. We have worked so hard to get where we are. I can do it! With listening to you, I can do it! Hugs to you, Self. You've stuck with me and I'll show you that I can do it! We'll know the feeling of being healthy once again. We will feel alive and free as a bird and happy to be able to get around so much better and so happy to be cute and not chubby! I will love to wear cute clothes, that look good too! I'll show you, Self. I'll show you. I will! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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