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Monday, July 15, 2013

Today I'm going to discuss Spark Pages and how to put one together nicely.

When you 'edit your sparkpage' there are many things you can do.

First off, you can change the colors. How fun is that! When you decide to change the colors, you also need to think about your text against your page background. I keep coming across more and more pages that changed the background color, but not the text. If the background color is dark, then the text needs to be lightened up. If you'll notice mine today, I have a deep red background, so I had to change the text to yellow so I could read the words. Had I left the text as black (which is what it starts out as) you would have a hard time reading my words on my Info page, especially if you're color blind, as red and black are the same when you turn it to grayscale. I'm blind as a bat, so I need to be able to read the words easily. Deep purples would go well with yellow, dark blues with orange, black likes white, keep on clicking on colors until you can read your text easily. In grayscale red=black, blue=gray and yellow=white, everything else is a shade of gray.

In the background (the part around the sides of your page) you can either pick another fun color or stick a picture back there. The best pictures are ones you've taken yourself. If you want to use one off the internet, make sure it's a free to use picture so you don't get in legal trouble for using it, you never know who is going to turn you in for using random pictures. My current background is a salad I made from my garden last year.

You can add pictures to your page. I happen to be using the pictures from my weight loss journey. There's my first one, my "after shot" and my most recent one promoting the SparkShirt I just got and thought was funny. Once again, if you're going to upload random pictures, make sure it's from a free to use site. You can also stick Spark Pictures on your page. When it asks if you want to stick pictures on your front page from your gallery or in smaller print directly under those words you can also pick from the Spark Success Gallery. There are X pounds or Kg lost pictures, 1-4 pants sizes lost pictures, and pictures telling us why you're here like Creating a Healthier Me type sayings.

Have fun with pictures! I suggest the shrinking you like mine, but you can also put photos that inspire you or even your growing garden, whatever makes your page feel like inspiring you.

You can share many things with us, your page, your favorites, your food tracker, your fitness tracker, your activity feed, or none of them at all if you wish. You can check them up in the top right corner of your edit page.

Also in that corner, you can click a box allowing you to get an email every time you get a comment or a goodie, which I think is important so you know there is activity on your page, especially if you stop coming to this site for a while.

You can also allow comments on your page. This may or may not be for you. People can still get ahold of you through SparkMail if you don't want anyone talking on your page.

Add a bunch of stuff about yourself. There are several areas where you can tell us about yourself. You can change the title to the top of your page, then tell us about yourself and why you're here. The side allows you to tell us how you're getting to the end and goals along the way. You can tell us a little more about yourself and a little extra you feel like sharing. You can tell us as much or a little as you'd like.

Want more friends to find you? While you're editing your page, add some info, which is not displayed on your page, but is used for people similar to you to be able to find you easier. They can find you by location (within 20 miles), pounds to lose, gender, age, and goals based on the keywords you put in the box there. When you put those in and check them, it makes it easier for people to find your page by those options.

You can add friends or stick to yourself. I suggest adding friends, if it weren't for my friends I probably wouldn't still be here. They're supportive. I like them and I have gotten close to a few of them. I think that if I didn't have friends here, I would have given up many pounds ago and still be over 200 pounds. When you edit your SparkPage, you can rearrange them too. Perhaps you have a family member or a real life friend here, go ahead and put them at the top of your list so you can click them easily.

When you join Teams, they are listed like your friends. Go ahead and shift the more important ones to the top, the first 6 are shown at all times.

There is this thing called a Ticker. It can show your weight and your goal (this I find is the most popular one) or your fitness minutes or even your SparkPoints. It shows up on both your SparkPage and anyplace you comment in teams. It's a fun little way to show your progress. I had it on my weight for the longest time, but now I'm focusing more on my fitness minutes, I have it set high because my fitbit gives me more minutes than just entering my actual exercise manually.

Don't forget, you can blog! You can do it daily, weekly, monthly or never! It's up to you. You can share your deepest thoughts or simply put your weight and goals for the month there. You can vent about something stupid that happened to you or blog about a joy that happened! It's your blog, so don't let a random comment stop you from blogging again. I find that most people are supportive here and that the ones that disagree usually either just don't comment or do it with nice enough words that shouldn't make you upset.

Finally, there's the status update. You only have so many spaces for your letters, so make it fairly brief when you have a random shout out there. It can be a simple as a I Lost It! or as complex as a I Won't Be On For A While Because Of A Death. This is shared with your friends in the friend feed on the side as well as on your info page and your feed. You can delete it from your feed if you ever feel the need to.

There's a lot you can do with your page. Do as much as you'd like with it. Share it with us if you'd like or keep it to yourself if you wish. It's your page.

Today's Holidays: Global Hug Your Kids Day, I Love Horses Day, Gummi Worms Day, Get Out of the Doghouse Day, National Be a Dork Day and National Tapioca Pudding Day.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Nicely done! emoticon
    1611 days ago
    Excellent tips. Going to look over my page right now. ;)
    1611 days ago
    Thanks for the information fellow "blind as a bat". I wish you could tell the folks at some of the magazines I get that pale lemon on gray print is impossible for some of us to read as are some of the fancier fonts. Thanks for the tips. Now when I find sometime to play with my page it may have a new look.
    1611 days ago
  • GRAMMY7070
    What an informative blog. Thank you. I often had questions and asked questions with the help button one at a time. You have answered so many of mine and I have been on Spark for a few years. I feel we can always learn something new. I have never seen such a supportive, motivating group of people as I see on Spark people. I am so thankful to have found everyone here.
    Good luck with your Spark journey.
    1612 days ago
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