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Quick Monday Update.. things are getting crazy

Monday, July 15, 2013

Last night at around 7:30 PM, I got a phone call. Or contractor was ready to demo our bathroom! We hadn't heard from him in a while, and we knew we were on about a month long wait for our remodel slot, so I expected to hear from him soon-ish. I just didn't think he'd call at 7:30PM and let us know he'd be here today at 9AM!

So, everything is kind of in flux right now. He's not actually here ATM, because it's been raining. Lots of rain+ contractors in& out of the house= supreme mess. He's waiting a bit to see if the rain dies down.

In the meantime, I've had to completely empty our primary bathroom! I did most of that last night, but had to leave a few basic toiletries in there so The Husband could get ready for work this morning. I decided I wanted one last shower in the bathroom before it got torn up, so I got my workout in REALLY REALLY EARLY. I mean, seriously, I hit the bike at 7:30AM so I could be showered and finished by 9. I didn't even have breakfast before the workout!

It was a weird experience, since I'm used to having my breakfast protein shake, waiting about 20-30 min, then hitting the bike. I did it this time without breakfast, and my stomach was growling hardcore when I hit the 30 min mark. After I finished my 45min, I jumped off. I felt like I could have added time today, but I was also a little stressed and under a deadline, so I finished up and had a shake. It has never tasted so good! lol!

Let's see..

Food wise, I've been doing awfully. Last two days were over 2k. Last two days, the scale has gone down. Sometimes I just want to throw my hands up in the air and eat a whole bag of cheese puffs, because sometimes it just feels like t doesn't matter! :O So, now I'm at 172 even this morning, 1 lb up from the low number I hit Jul 5th.. and I'm about to go into THAT TIME and some bloating will start any day now, I'm sure!

My appetite is totally gone this morning, though. -..- Disgusting stuff ahead. I'm so sorry.

I decided to clear as big a path as possible from the bathroom to our bedroom sliding door. All that really entailed was closing the closet doors and moving the laundry hamper, but I also had to get the sliding door open! We don't use that one, so it stays shut all the time. It's only occasionally used to move big things like my dresser in& out of that room, since the dresser is quite long and won't make the corners in the hallway.

That being said, I wasn't really sure what to expect when I opened it. The bedroom is clean. The deck is clean. Everything in between should be clean, right??


I found toooons of bug carcasses in between the two sliding doors. And a skeleton of something. I'm pretty sure it was a large gecko, but it may have been a snake? I didnt' see legs! Anyway, I was able to suck everything up with the hose attachment on my vaccum cleaner. I thought I was in the clear at that point. Bedroom clean, deck clean, space in between the doors clean. ALL GOOD, RIGHT?


T..T I seriously don't know how to deal with what I found next. It's still there because I'm kind of traumatized.

I decided to open the outer door and check the track and see if there were any cobwebs or anything like that I ought to vaccum, and I found an absolutely disgusting matted pile of corpses in between the door and the frame on the outer door. There are at least a half a dozen roaches, a decomposing gecko, and dozen other bugs I can't really identify, but I think they are some sort of true bug species similar to a boxelder, but all brown. It's like.. they found this one tiny crack between the door and the frame to get in, but they couldn't get out, so they got stuck where the lock is. I just.. it's so gross. I don't even know how to handle that. The Gecko still has some skin on it. T..T

I'm ok with live lizards, non-venomous snakes, spiders, etc, whatever. I can't deal with roaches. I will watch one walk across the room in total fear because I don't want to get close to it to kill it. The Husband takes care of all roaches, including 99% of dead roach disposal. (Usually the week after Orkin stops by is when we find the most dead ones) VERY RARELY, I will pull up my big girl panties and find a way to deal with one if I'm alone and it just has to be gone. Like the time I found one staring at me in the shower. I screamed, jumped out, and covered it with chemicals. I left the room until I was sure it was quite dead, and then somehow got it out of the tub with either a dustpan or a very large amount of paper towels. I'm not really sure which.

Anyway... I just wanted to cry when I saw this mess at the sliding door. I know it's a totally irrational fear, but I just couldn't deal with it. I'm not really sure what to do. Maybe the contractors will find a way to get that stuff gone. They will probably think I am silly and dumb. I don't care. I can't deal with that T..T Not even with the vaccum hose.

ANYWAY.. I can't really think about food too much because I keep thinking about the 10 years of roach corpses jammed into the sliding door. It's terrifying.

Maybe I will have a good food day today! (Probably not)

So, the demo is going to last multiple days I think. I'm not sure. He said the project would take a while I'm really excited about having a new bathroom. I'm not excited about my personal workout schedule getting turned on it's head.

I have to figure out how I'm going to do everything. Do I want to wake up super early every morning and do it before the contractors get here? They're going to have to shut the water off during the days a lot, so I can't just carry on like usual and shower when I feel like it. They said no matter what, they should always have everything turned back on by 5PM every afternoon. So, another option would be evening workouts.

The Husband doesn't like the idea of evening workouts because he likes me available to hang out when he comes home from work. It's sweet of him! It's good to know that he still wants me around when he gets off work. I know it sounds silly, but it's the kind of thing that's nice to hear every once and a while. So, early mornings.. ugghhh..

Yesterday, I was half a mind to just give up for a week. I always feel more reasonable in the morning, though. I know that's a bad idea. No matter how badly I want that bag of Cheetos that I totally resisted and didn't go out to the store to buy. (Kinda proud of myself for that, despite all my foodfails lately. I did NOT go buy the big bag of Cheetos puffs. Hooray!)

I really don't want to wake up that early. UGH. I do work out better when I'm on some sort of schedule/deadline, though. When I know that I absolutely have to be on the bike by X time to be done for X appointment at X time, it gets done much more... regularly. Otherwise, if I'm left to my own devices, I end up slacking until just before lunch.

There was one kinda fun thing about biking this early. MSNBC is broadcasting coverage of the Tour de France. I watched that while biking and listening to Blumchen's techno remix of Queen's Bicycle race. I felt very beefcake for a very short amount of time. It quickly became apparent that while those guys on the bikes don't look like they're working all THAT hard, their legs are moving quite fast! I tried to keep up from time to time just to see if I could, but I could not :P No surprise there, really, but it was something new!


The Brother is visiting this weekend. Well, technically weds-fri. It's his "weekend", though. And then after that, Bro's roommate is coming to visit, too! They don't have the same time off together, so they are driving separately, but I think Bro's Roommate is coming on that Friday! LOL. I told them that the guest bedroom was pretty full of boxes and bathroom crap right now, and that things were going to be kinda crazy for a while, but they both still want to come. Who am I to turn away company? Too bad they aren't here right now. I'd go make them clean out the sliding glass door. How do that many things get wedged into such a small space and die, anyway?? T..T

I can't keep my mind away from such a disgusting topic. I can only imagine that the gecko found it's way in there when it was quite small, and saw what a great place it was to eat bugs. So, it probably got stuck in there when it grew too much. The roaches are always looking for ways to get in. Not sure why those bugs went in there, but whatever. Something was bound to have come in to eat the dead gecko. I don't know. I just want to barf and cry at the same time and not deal with it. Maybe the contractors will... or if they don't come until later, I can get The husband to do it.. Ughhhhh

I'm going to go cry to myself on the couch and play videogames until the contractors get here.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You know, I think it's great that you're mindful of your food consumption and want to do better, but I think it's okay to give yourself a bit of slack. YOU HAVE BEEN DOING AMAZINGLY since the start of all this. And you know what? Sometimes you need to be off the wagon for a bit. I don't know why, but sometimes have a small window of balls to the wall indulgence is what it takes to get back on track. Usually when I am overwhelmingly tempted, it's better for me to have a day or two of complete abandon instead of a prolonged (sometimes a week or more) slide where I edge a little bit off the edge every time. I think it might be good to seriously have a 4k calorie day and eat whatever you have been craving. 9 times out of 10 you'll satisfy the urge (especially if it's not as good as you remember), and feel more motivated to move on and get back on track. Plus you can always elongate your morning workout if you're really keen on keeping those calories off your body.

    And I think it's good that you're having a bit of a shake-up at your house with the contractor and visits this weekend (except the roach/skeleton thing. EEK. I'm totally the same way. I'm not going near it, dead or alive. I'll mix toxic chemicals to dissolve that crap away first!). Maybe having a bit of a shake-up in the schedule and doing things you're excited about and having changes will indirectly motivate you. Haha I know if I feng shui something that usually keeps my diet in line. I know. Weird.

    Anywho, I hope the rest of this week is wonderful for you! AND DON'T STOP EXERCISING! It's important, even if you decide to fall of the food wagon completely for a bit.

    Keep us posted! I definitely know if I can do this, you've got this stuff in the bag. Seriously.
    1680 days ago
    Yay! Bathroom!!! Progress pics maybe? Remember I am an architecture/engineering major so I love demo! Whee!!!

    Btw, check out my costume pics!
    1682 days ago
    Seriously, much props for not going to get the Cheetos puffs, I'm pretty sure they were created by the devil, how else can you explain why stopping after a few is damn near impossible?
    I hate bugs and lizards scare the crap out of me. I refused to go to Aruba with my then BF because he had been there before and told me that the iguanas are free to roam the hotels and even hop onto your table if you dine outside. The vacation didn't sound very relaxing if I was going to spend it screaming and running away.

    How was your calorie burn this morning when you worked out before eating? Did you prove our theory right that we burn more if we eat a little something before? I know 30 mins is my like max if I workout on an empty stomach, I started feeling all kinds of shaky and almost dizzy after that and calorie burn goes down.
    1682 days ago
    The last time I was losing weight, I always used to exercise before breakfast. My schedule was completely different back then, but still, I can't imagine doing that now. I'm glad it worked out well for you.

    I hope your reno goes smoothly and quickly. Honestly, even the thought of renos makes me cringe. I hate dealing with them, the cleaning before, during and after, and all that dust! I don't envy you. But at least you'll have a shiny pretty new bathroom after it all.

    Ugh! Sorry to hear about your unpleasant discovery with all those little corpses. That would have seriously freaked me out too! I'm sure I would try and get somebody to clean that all up. Last night I had to deal with an infestation of ants that somehow got in and discovered my cat's food bowls. They were alive and tiny, but even doing that was unsettling enough for me.

    Oh, and I'm proud of you for resisting the Cheetos urge and not allowing yourself to have that week of free eating! That shows such strength and determination, hooray! Trust me, that one week could so easily turn into two weeks, and then three... A dangerous path to tread, so I'm glad you resisted!
    1682 days ago
    Bugs... my biggest irrational phobia ;) I empathize with ya on this one - completely! I'm extremely creeped out just reading it... ACK!!!!!!

    Hope you get them 'removed' soon! I'm now in a catatonic state with ya :)
    1682 days ago
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