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Fake Sweetener

Monday, July 15, 2013

I read the diet soda article Sparkpeople suggested. It was on the NPR site. It was interesting and pretty much what I sodas do not help you lose weight. But, what DID suprise me were the comments left by readers. The majority of them stated that basically there was no such thing as "natural", everything was a "chemical", there were no studies done showing that artificial sweetners were dangerous or caused illness, etc. That's what really surprised me. And heaven forbid some poor soul wrote about wanting to only eat natural foods and therefore not eat chemical sweetners. They were blasted by the "scientists" in the group who cited all kinds of things, including "parts per milliliter" and temperatures that kept the chemical from turning to "formaldehyde". Ummm...

I have been known to swig a Diet Rite during my weight loss journey. Now, I am not a scientist...did horribly in that class in school. However, personal experience is as follows whether it makes sense or not: Aspertame gives me a horrendous headache...I used to have headaches that made me feel like someone was pushing my head down when I tried to stand. It took awhile to figure out it was aspertame...I quit many years ago. Saccharine...gross, would never eat it anyway. I am now learning that Sucrolose (Splenda) makes me constipated, maybe. I noticed that after drinking Diet Rite cola, I was constipated (sorry if this is TMI).

The jury is still out on Stevia and Monkfruit. I wouldn't use Agave...I don't understand the purpose. These are more natural. But, I want to do more investigation to see how Stevia becomes a sweetner...a little powder in a packet. I have a Stevia plant outside and I have been known to chomp on a leaf or two...VERY sweet. I might just stick that in my smoothie.

I have a major sweet tooth. Most of my problem is that I need to defeat this addiction. But, stevia does help in the mean do grapes!!!!!

Maybe I should just focus on having a sweet life instead of sweet food!! Oh, and I know that a little sugar is probably fine. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    Luckily, I've never been afflicted with much of a sweet tooth. I do like sweet *fruit*, which is pretty much as bad. I've been bingeing on melon and cherries and bananas and... mmm I've just got to s-t-o-p ! LOL

    Anyway, the only sweetener we're allowed to have (per our endocrinologist's diet) is sucralose. I don't have any problem with it, and if I buy any sort of sweetened anything I make sure the sweetener is sucralose. I just don't drink or eat very much of either, if I can help it.

    I've heard some okay things about erythritol. I found some recently and bought a small amount to try, although I haven't gotten that far yet. I have tried stevia, and it leaves a bitter aftertaste to me. Some people don't notice it, or don't taste it. I wonder if using it in its natural form (just the leaf) as you're doing might be a worthwhile alternative to try.

    1710 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    I don't like using artificial sweeteners but will have a diet soda at times. I just tend to not trust stuff that chemists made as being better than what God made.
    1710 days ago
    I have heard so many things about sweeteners. I considered cooking with it but have decided not to. I think a little sugar is okay. Just limit it. I find that real sugar in a drink though takes a lot to be sweet after having artificial sugars. So, I now drink unsweetened tea or water. Occasionally I drink diet drinks if I am eating something that it goes with like pizza which I shouldn't have much of anyway!

    You would think I would be thin. I used to drink tons of sweet tea and real pop and fried foods. I don't do any of that now and yet I am bigger than ever! I will figure this out yet! I think I just like more kinds of food now and eat too much of it!

    One day at a time!
    1710 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    call me crazy but if you have to say," temperatures that kept the chemical from turning to formaldehyde" I just don't want to drink just seems like you playing Russian rulet with your health...hey it just crazy

    I mostly drink water but lately i have been drinking Mr. Pibb too.

    I loovvee chocolate so I have to be careful and not eat to much (yea right, famous last words)

    Fruit does help with eating something sweet especially emoticon , Oh boy I had a Cantaloupe this morning and almost ate the whole thing it was soooo good.
    1710 days ago
    I gave up asparatane after a long plateau of no weight loss after quitting smoking.... Now I use stevia but not in coffee or tea so maybe just once or twice a week on fruit but this week I am eating watermelon so no stevia in days emoticon
    1710 days ago
  • 3016DEBRA
    1710 days ago
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