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WHy SHouldn't I Just Give Up?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Today's challenge for one of my teams is to blog and tell myself I am Boss.
I have been on this journey for five years. I have lost a lot of weight and gained some back. Many times I have wanted to just give up. But I am still here.
My mind will tell me this is just too hard - My answer is, life is hard, weighing 300 pounds is hard, being unable to be active is hard, feeling embarrassed by my size is hard, not being able to find cute clothes is hard. It may be hard, but it is worth it. I AM WORTH IT!
My mind tells me that even though I am exercising and eating right, I am not losing weight so just give up and quit - My answer is, I may not be losing weight, but I am stronger than I was five years ago. I have more endurance than I had. I no longer have excruciating back pain and can walk again. I can hike. I no longer get pneumonia and bronchitis several times a year. I am enjoying life again. My sleep apnea has improved.
My mind tells me I am depressed and stressed, so just give up - my answer is I find ways to distract myself. I take photos. I see a counsellor. I am active here on SP. I have made friends at the gym. I am not focusing on the stress.
My mind tells me even though I am eating right, I am not losing weight so give up- My answer is, I am being good to my body by not eating junk, not over-eating and eating fresh food. I am seeing a Health and Wellness nutritionist to help me tweak my lifestyle. I am feeling so much better than when I ate poorly. I do not eat fast food, sugar or processed foods. My body thanks me every day.
My mind tells me that I am overweight and my BMI is too high, so just give up - My answer is, that I weigh a lot less than I used to and my body fat percent is lower than most people at my weight.
My mind tells me I am not worth it, so give up - My answer is I have to do some things just for me and this is one of them. I spent many years thinking of only others - my husband and kids especially. Now it is time for me. I am important too.
My mind tells me, you have made a bad choice today, so just give up - My answer is, one bad choice is no excuse to continue down the wrong path. I will pick myself up and get back on track right now. One slip up is no reason to give up the course.
My mind tells me it has been five years, I will never reach my goal weight, so just give up - My answer is, even if I never reach my goal, at least I have given it my best effort. I feel proud of the progress I have made. I am proud of the choices I make every day. I have come to enjoy exercise. I enjoy the foods I now eat. My health is better. I am able to enjoy life with my husband, kids and grand kid. I am strong enough to say no to foods I know are not good for me.
Sometimes this journey is a real mind game. We have to have answers ready when our minds want to drag us down. It is good to write this down because I can now refer back to this blog when my mind is trying to take over and remind myself that I am BOSS!
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