What a GREAT weekend we have had.

Monday, July 15, 2013

I would have blogged last eve, but our net connection in the eve is nill or super super slow. Anywayyyyyyyyyyy don't need it other than to do my fitbit really. Got that and then tried to do some spark but is not worth it click and waiiiiiiiiiiiit, then lose the page.

SO!! pictures will be up when we get home and have wii fii. Have had a super week here at the trailer well not quite a week yet. NO rain, but cool enough nights to sleep with window open. SO quiet here in am, and hubby does so much better with that, he hears stuff like traffic and garbage trucks. Even the kids next door aren't up till after 8 - haven't seen them yet today. Allie is doing well at sleeping till 7, fine by me, we go out for our walk and there may be a few awake at their picnic tables or some days no one. Mostly during the week noone around that early.

My knee has been bothering me a fair bit, super super tight so have to get more diligent about doing my exercises while I am here. Getting in the walking and such but haven't stretched as much, doign some on the bed but not as good as the hard floor.

Yesterday was FANTASTIC!!! Chris, ds, came out for a visit with Thomas and Eva, mama was at a baby shower for the day. They arrrived just before lunch, and stayed till after 5. There was only 1 meltdown and it wasn't too long. Thomas wanted to go swimming and mama forgot to put in their little swimmer pants which are mandatory in the pool. Sign said they sold them, but they no longer do.... he wasn't understanding why but didnt cry too long or lay down and roar. lol BUT man is tha child busy. GO GO GO touch touch, ask ask! LOL so funny.
Eva is so quiet, and happy but almost like a serene quality but she can stamp her little tiny feet and say NO very well and copy when she wants. They were both scared of Allie, and she of course so excited and wanted to jump. So hubby held her back for long while and all 3 settled. But Thomas still didnt want her around him so he learned to say STOP DOG ALLIE, PEPE says SIT. lol he would stick his hand out in stop motion and Eva sitting on Papas lap woudl do it too. lol
So we went for walk up to the playground, did the usual and also took countless rocks out of Thomas' sandals. Then we walked down a long lane to the petting zoo well it has bunnies, goats, baby goats , lamb, sheep and a donkey. Eva was enamoured with the bunnies and fed them grass. Thomas was liking it all. From there we went to get ice cream baby cones. which he said to the girl I like icecream please, oh wow thanks much. He doesnt get that stuff often.
they ate a good lunch and then we went in for bit to rest. HA. read library books that I had brought up in case they came. Later we went on the tractor wagon ride which he loved and eva was fine to sit on papas lap. Thomas waved and yelled hi to everyone. So funny such a personable little guy. HI Hi there hey didnt you hear me HI. lolPepe guess they didnt hear me. Hubby said guess not.
Since the pool was a wash, we put our outside shower on and washed them off and let them run in in a bit. Then back in and got ready to go home. Ds texted that they got home safe and sound and both had naps in the car. lol He said we will be back again had a great time with lots to do.
I was so happy to have a day with them and not just be in the living room and able to do. I am going to keep the books here and bring up some other stuff for them too. Petrhaps get 2 of the little kids chairs to sit in also. Even if they only come a few times it is nice to know they have stuff here.
Today we were goign to go visit hubby's sister ( one with hubby issues ) but one of their good friends is seriously ill in hospital. He isnt well so she is working and ferrying his wife around to see him. So no problem we will see her again next time.
Maybe go for a little drive not sure or just hang around, visit next door, go for walks. just a nice day.
Well for now, have to get some breakfast and get on with the day. HUGS all have a great day too!
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