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A rollercoaster night and day...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The emotional roller coaster ride started last night around midnight when my neighbor called me in tears. She was having severe abdominal pain, and didn't know what to do, so I tucked Cooper in his crate and went next door and called 911 for her. Off she went to the hospital. She left me with her keys, so I am the one she called at 3:30am to come and get her. Ulp! THey gave her something like 5 shots of painkillers, gave her some antibiotics and told her to see a surgeon pronto because her gallbladder has to come out. As a result I slept in this morning, and for once Cooper didn't want me to, so I actually didn't sleep as long as I wanted. Got up and took Cooper for his morning walk. It was already pretty warm out so he only wanted to go about 1.5 miles. That was fine. Came home, changed, and went out for my run. 2.4 miles in 20 minutes, so I was feeling pretty good. Then my brother, Jonathan, called. He wanted me to go with him to pick up the chickens mom had ordered from a local farmer. I asked him why mom wasn't going to get them, and he was just like "oh, because she is in the hospital in Erie." What? Okay, so I hopped in the shower and had my neighbor watch the dog while Jon and I went to pick up the chickens. He didn't have very many details, but his wife went with my parents to the hospital, so I expect more details later. I do know (from my dad) that her leg is badly infected, and she is carrying about 100 pounds of fluid in her abdomen. I knew the edema was bad, but not the extent of it. It took both my dad and my brother, Jeremy, to get her into the car, and they are both big, strong guys.

So now what?

Tomorrow I have a girl's day out planned with my best friend, but starting Tuesday morning I am going out to my parents' house very early to start the process of cleaning out my mom's old bedroom upstairs. She hasn't been up there in 4 years, but she has been refusing to let us touch it. The purpose of this cleaning frenzy is to clear out the back half of my parents' house so it can be renovated into a studio apartment for me. I plan on moving in with them and helping out. I love my little apartment I am in now, and my current location is ideal, but they need me, so I will move. Mom needs more supervision and assistance than my just my dad can provide. Now that I am healthier and fitter I can be that extra set of hands.

I am conflicted about this move, but it seems the thing to do.

I just talked to my SIL... She says mom is doing better than she expected. I will probably go visit her on Thursday with my brother, Jeremy.

Anyways... it has been a roller coaster ride. Now I am going to eat some dinner and relax with my dog. It is going to be a busy week.
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    I'm catching up on everyone's blogs this morning. Wow. That's a tough 24 hours. You handled it well. I was living in a different state when my father was sick with cancer. I tried to get home for long weekends a couple of times each month to help my siblings. I will never trade that time. Of course your mother will complain that she doesn't need help, it's too much, etc. Don't argue, just assure her that you want to do this.

    1610 days ago
    emoticon I know it is hard to take care of your parents -- but treasure that time. Glad you are able to be able to move in with them.
    1614 days ago
    1614 days ago
    Sounds like you have a lot going on! I hope everyone gets better and things work out with your mom.
    1615 days ago
    emoticon emoticon chrris
    1615 days ago
    Chandra, what a ride ! Changes are never easy,, but sometimes the best things
    come wrapped in adversity. I know you will be a blessing to both your mom and your dad. Your willingness to be there for them is so special and I know they appreciate it. Your independance and wellness achieved over the past couple years is also giving you such a strong foundation to serve them from. - and dear Coop- such a ruff life- have to move out to the farm.... no fear of rogue dog attacks.... the chance for some open spaces and all kinds of smelly things... oh my- how did he take the news?? So glad you were there for your neighbour as well. Healing hugs to all
    1615 days ago
    Your loving kindness is such a blessing.
    1615 days ago
    You have had a difficult weekend it sounds like. Caring for elderly parents won't be easy, but it sounds like you are up for it and I know you care about them so much and will make it work. Make sure you still take the time for yourself and take care of your own health.
    1615 days ago
    1615 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    Have cared for elderly relatives for the last 26 years, one after another. You will be a blessing to them! You will always know what their health status is and can be assured of their safety. My prayers are with you as you make this huge adjustment to your life! emoticon
    1616 days ago
    Hope your friend is ok soon. Better getting it done soon. Post-poning surgery can be very risky.

    Hope everything works out with your mom. Sending you love and light there.
    1616 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your friend and your mom. I hope she , your mom, is getting better and will be released soon. Living with your parents will be quite a change for you but imagine how much Cooper is going to LOVE it!! I know that helping take care of an aging parent is hard but it is such an important job and I think you and your parents have a loving relationship so it is so good of you to take on the task. Hope you enjoy living there and can keep up your walks and running without worrying about unleashed dogs and town bars. Have a wonderful week,

    1616 days ago
  • DARLY55
    Chandra, you have had a time this weekend! You are a kind, loving daughter! But, make sure you continue to take care of yourself! emoticon
    1616 days ago
    Take care! It is hard when our parents get older. It is great you are in a position to help them stay in their own home.
    1616 days ago
    wow, you're in my thoughts.
    1616 days ago
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