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Not a happy week

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Well this has not been a good week, Birthday went great last Wednesday , the forth was a pleasant day as well. On friday as we were enjoying an evening sitting out on the porch , we were introducing the two chihuahuas to the new little cat.Not to happy to have him getting attention they weren't to friendly , however they weren't mean to little Freeway either. We had an extra metal folding chair propped against the door , well my husband pushed the door open and the chair came falling down striking little Reesee one of the chihuahuas. She let out a big yelp! and ran inside to her cube (asoft square shaped cat bed) . Well I felt just as bad as my husband because I had propped the chair against the door. We did go check her to see if she was ok , she seemed a little shaken but did not cry when I felt her body for any broken bones. The following days , sat & sun I worked , my daughter noticed she was not feeling well and wasnt eating. Monday I took her to vet clinic , they said she was probably very sore but seemed to have good vital signs , heartbeat , breathing , no pupil dialation. They gave me something for pain and inflammation and said she should be back to her old self in no time. So I brought her home and and tended to her. The next day she did not seem any better, I gave her bland baby food (chicken) and water from a shringe the vet gave me to use for her meds as well. That evening she died , I felt so bad that maybe I could have done more test or xrays or something to let us know that she had internal dammage. The vet didnt recommend any thing as to checking her further so I didn't elaborate on the matter . I feel terribly guilty that I did not ask if there were ways to tell if she obviously had more damage. I guess all things happen for a reason , but this was a very sad week for us again , after losing BooBlue just 3 months ago. Well I just hope the other one ,Twinky (her sister) will be able to adjust ok , since they have never been apart. She seems to be looking for her at times , but I did let her go around her sister while she was ill and an hour or so after she passed so maybe she could get a feeling of closure. Anyway I know that she had a joyful life the short time that she was with us. Wishing you all a peaceful weekend.

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