Today's non-scale victory

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I have a pair of 32 shorts that I used to originally set a goal for my size - they were my smallest pants at the time, and I had never been able to fit into them since they were given to me as a gift in 2008. They were also the biggest size of pants I'd be able to wear if I wanted to get my height-to-waist ratio into a healthy range, so it seemed like a reasonable goal. At the time, I couldn't imagine myself going smaller than that, since the only times I had been smaller than a 32 were achieved through unhealthy behaviors, and never lasted very long.

Today when I got dressed, I thought, "These shorts are getting almost too baggy to wear." Then I realized it was that same pair of 32 shorts. It's hard to believe looking back on times when I couldn't get these shorts on or they fit too tightly to be comfortable. Now they are sagging down around my hips! I also would have never believed that it was possible to get to the size that I am now. It's crazy how much things change.
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