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Completed Week 2 of 12: The Ultimate Female Fitness Program

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Time is just marching forward with two weeks of this heavy lifting program under my belt. It was another challenging week in which I pushed out of my "comfort" zone with the dumbbell sizes for most exercises. Right now, the focus is on lifting up to at least 8-12 reps where by the last rep you cannot tweak out another. I have two more weeks to go at this rep requirement.

I want to thank each of you in advance for the cheers and encouragement long the way. They are ALL appreciated!! If any of you are interested in this program, hit me up with an email and I will respond asap. This routine is listed in the JeFit website database, too. One of my fitness buddies set it up there. is how my week went.
Week 2 of TUFF (Jul 7 to Jul 13 2013):

Mon – Week 2/Day 1…Ended 60 min TUFF WO with a pounding headache for the first time. WHAT is this about?! My TUFF WO included a 8 min warm-up and 3 min cool down portion of the P90X Chest, Shoulders & Tris DVD.
I was able to increase weights in a couple exercises (DB Bench Press, DB Biceps Curl) this morning. Definite cardio effect felt doing this routine, too.
DB sets in use this WO: 7.5, 10, 15, 16.25, 17.5, 20.

Tue – Week 2/Day 2…This morning I used CLX Push Circuit 3's warm-up and cool down routine with the TUFF Lower Body 1 WO. By time I hit the 3rd set of most exercises it was tough/cardio effect. I felt like I could go up in weights for the Standing Calf Raise and the Side Bends but not my hands holding Wonder if a wrist strap would help with this? Need to inquire and get one a.s.a.p. Finished this WO in approximately 65 mins.
DB sets in use: 7.5, 15, 16.25, 20, 22.5, 23.75, 25, 27.5, 28.75.

I seem to waste minutes fooling around with the JeFit app with logging. I use a worksheet for the same purpose. Next WO, I am just going to log on my worksheet then go directly to JeFit website and update when convenient. I really like my WO sessions to come under 60 minutes but this is not the case right now. Ideally, 45 minutes max is my preferred WO length. No unusual headache today. I did drink a recovery drink pre-WO and water mid-WO today. I added a teaspoon of whey protein powder to my oatmeal.

Wed – Week 2/Day 3…Today was cardio. I performed Skimble Trainer Max Tabata Test (11 mins) which was an intense fat burning workout and followed with an interval type of walk outdoors for 22 minutes. I burned more calories in the 11 minute workout than the 22 minute workout. Tabata was fast and efficient as a way of getting in great HIIT cardio! I will be adding it to my cardio routines.

Thu – Week 2/Day 4… Yay! I was able to knock about 20 minutes off this Tuff Upper Body 2 WO this morning to 40 minutes! I didn't use the JeFit app to log but used paper logging first. I will go to JeFit website and input the stats. This WO hit triceps, back, shoulders, and biceps. Weights in use: 8.75, 12.5, 13.75, 15. I did push-ups (modified) instead of the Lat on Exercise Ball, too.

Fri – Week 2/Day 4…TUFF Lower Body 2 is my last WO for this week then rest on Sat & Sun. It worked the upper & lower legs, hamstrings, calves, glutes, shoulders, back, and abs. I tell ya those Goblet Squats are kind of fun to do but not easy when holding a weight in your hands. During Set 2, I lost form on Rep 7 but pushed out Rep 8 in good form…lol. I am going to have an issue going heavier with the Seated Calf Raise from home only because I cannot stack the amount of weight higher than 52.5 on my knees without assistance from someone bringing me another dumbbell…hmmm. I may have to do this particular exercise when a family member is around to help or do Standing Calf Raises holding dumbbells again. I can definitely lift over 52.5 lbs on my knees for this exercise. A great lower body session this morning.
Dumbbells sets in use: 7.5, 8.75, 16.25,23.75, 25, 42.5, 47.5, 52.5.

Sat – Official rest day from exercise.
Non-Scale Victory… I updated body stats this morning. I am pleased to see decreases in my chest, waist, thighs, and BF % since starting this heavy lifting program on July 1st. I won't weigh until Sundays since it gives my muscles two days after the last WO session (Friday) to release the water that causes them to swell. I'm not expecting a change in the scale. But, I am lifting heavier each week in some exercises and leaning out with a little more muscle.

If you read all of this Blog, thanks bunches! Will be starting Week 3 of 12 on Monday (Jul 15th).


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    Sounds intense! Awesome! All the best!
    1676 days ago
    I just gladdens my heart when a beautiful lady like yourself is going hard and heavy! Truly wonderful..please keep doing it, you are a blessing and an inspiration!

    For your squats...-Having you considered taping? Rock tapes are great tapes I think amazon sells them emoticon emoticon
    1683 days ago
    I think you need a rest and a day at the spa for all that energy and work LOL. You make me tired. Have a great week and don't forget to have some fun,
    1684 days ago
    Great day you are just amazing my friend!! Great job!!! WTG with the loss of those inches!! emoticon
    1684 days ago
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