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Um.. I never eat at the table..my bad

Saturday, July 13, 2013

even if I did this, it would be better for me!
(no this is not a picture of me, but it could be)

often I eat at the computer

I just thought this table was interesting!

Yesterday I spent time taking things off the dining room table . I had a new table cloth bought months ago. It looks very nice now.

Really, if I only ate at the table I would most likely lose weight.

In my whole lifetime, even as a kid, I ate meals in front of the TV. No one made me come to the table. No one even mentioned it.

I am not sure if I can change this habit. Chris
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    I only eat at the dinner table at my parent's house. At my house we unfortunatly eat right in front of the tv. We need to change that habit. emoticon
    1612 days ago
    We eat in the living room in front of the TV. Now that we have new living room furniture I'm trying to move us back to the table!
    1614 days ago
    I can remember that we USUALLY ate at the table at my home growing, and ALWAYS at the table at my grandparents homes. There were times when we were allowed to eat in the living room watching TV but they were usually "special occasions". Later on, one of the homes my parents lived in was smaller and when we had company, we typically did those more like buffet style, using the table for the buffet and then people found places to eat in the living room, or outside in the back patio.

    But here... part of it was that my husband and I never picked out a table together when we got married. I had been in various apartments and really didn't have my own furniture set. Hubby had hand-me-downs from his family. The table he has fits him (height and all), is a 70's vintage round table with these huge black leatherette swivel chairs that are reminiscent of "Star Trek" or other space-age TV shows. But the part I sit on is too long for my "hip to knee" ratio and so the back is at the wrong place, and at some point...I just really hated using that table. Still do, but it's just covered in clutter. There's just lots of negative energy there... so we tend to eat out for our "together meals" and just graze wherever we can find a place to sit down, for other meals (especially like breakfast, where we all end up waking up at different times.).

    I just need to get my act together....
    1614 days ago
  • ILUVU2
    Well, I am going to try and make it a habit! It definitely would be a great habit to have! I think it is a great idea and would help to be thinking about what I am putting into my mouth. It makes me want a nice, new dining table, however! emoticon

    Oh, I just love the pictures you put together here, it made me giggle! So, cute and true! :)

    1614 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/15/2013 8:08:40 AM
    My honey & I eat on the couch 99.9% of the time! We ate 4th of July at our tiny little table for a change!!
    1615 days ago
    Good luck and I'm guilty of doing that too!! Must clear the table!!!
    1615 days ago
    I am in the same boat. Another problem was standing in the kitchen eating over the sink :( It was hard to change and I still catch myself doing it on occasion, but I think not doing so was a big factor in my own weight loss.
    1615 days ago
    1615 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    We eat everywhere but the dining table.
    1615 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    I eat at my Computer and Watching Television all the time. Do not have a dinning room table to sit at. Try eating at the table and see if You like it. I have no choice in the matter. You Can Do It Chris. You have accomplish so much and You can do this one to. God Blessings to You and Everyone. Have a Great Day. Take Care. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1615 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1615 days ago
    This is a habit I need to develop as well.
    1615 days ago
    It's habit for us. Unless we have pizza night. Then we eat wherever.....
    1615 days ago
    1615 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    Best thing we ever got was a DVR-put the program on hold while we eat at the table!!
    1615 days ago
    You already have lots of good advice - nothing I can add. We also watch the news while eating. There was a time not too long ago when I started sitting at the table and after a few weeks DH joined me but somehow we got out of the habit. I may just see if I can get it started again.
    1615 days ago
    I am like Dragon-Chick, eating breakfast and lunch at the desk table emoticon . But, we almost always have dinner at the dining table. However the TV is always on. I do try to practice mindful eating and can say that I'm at 75% level now. emoticon emoticon
    1616 days ago
    Setting a beautiful table and taking the time to make the whole thing a ritual helps. Maybe you can help your hubby by sharing at least one meal at the table with him - it might encourage him too. I know that you don't always have that option but it might be good for both of you because it would "normalize" at least part of your lives and make him LESS of an invalid. When my kids were little, if we had a tablecloth and candles, their behavior was SOOO much better than when we were not at the table and/or not setting a table so the meal was SHARED. Just something to think about. (HUGS)
    1616 days ago
    We almost never eat at the table either. I know we're supposed to, but we usually watch the news when we have dinner. Besides (while you're decluttering) my DH always has the table piled with stuff he's working on.

    One of those bad habits I'll probably never change.

    1616 days ago
    you change over slowly
    1616 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1616 days ago
    Eating at the table with no distractions helps you to eat mindfully. When you don't have the tv, computer, or other electronics distracting you, you start to feel the signals your body gives you. For instance, it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain you're full, but your tongue will tell you far sooner. If you pay attention to the taste of your food, when you can no longer taste it, stop eating!

    To help you get used to eating at the table, you could try turning off electronics while you're cooking (since you're home alone, maybe put on some calm and quiet music. When you've taken the time to make a healthy meal, you should want to enjoy it more. Make sure the table looks pretty - keep the new tablecloth clean, use nice plates (some people use good china every day!), maybe even put out a vase with flowers. Set the table with a proper place setting while you're cooking. Serve yourself at the table. Then practice mindful eating techniques: look, smell, taste, and pause between bites. If you feel awkward eating in a silent house, leave the music on - quietly - at first until you get more used to it. Just like everything, when you practice you'll get used to it!
    1616 days ago
  • WILDKAT781
    emoticon emoticon
    1616 days ago
    Wow...we always eat at the table, accept for an occasional snack during a movie. I can't even imagine.
    1616 days ago
    For years my husband and I ate in front of the TV... watching shows while we ate.

    That was years ago. I think at least 15 years ago. Now, we cannot imagine that we ever did that. We always have our supper at the table. Breakfast and lunch are different, but, NO TV while we're eating, any more.
    I"m trying to remember how we made the change. I think we placed our table closer to the kitchen. And once we started eating our supper at the table, we never wanted to go back to eating on the couch watching TV! So try it, once you're used to it you may like it!
    1616 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/13/2013 2:35:24 PM
    I can't imagine eating anywhere except the table-just part of my growing up experience. Gathering around the table for family meals was such an event everyday and I have continued it with my children. Eating anywhere but the table is out of the ordinary. Good luck working on changing this habit, you might find it does help in your journey.
    1616 days ago
    change is hard but you can do it. emoticon
    1616 days ago
    95 percent of the time we eat either at the kitchen table or if we feel formal we eat at the dining room table. When I do that I go all the way with the china, pretty tablecloth and candles. Makes the meal extra special. When I do eat in front of the television it is to watch a baseball game and I do not even know what I am eating or how much. Not a good idea!! I am really working on not doing that anymore.You can do it too. Believe !!!
    1616 days ago
    Take it one meal at a time....say, eat breakfast at the table every morning. When that becomes a habit, add another meal. I can't guarantee that you'll lose weight (it hasn't helped me any), but 'they' say it better for you to sit and eat at the table. What-ev-er. : )

    The picture of the woman lying down and eating a hot dog (?) is enough to make me want to be sure I don't every look that bad......but honestly? I'm probably not far behind her.

    I really like the table/chairs that fold down into themselves. Cute. But I'd constantly be saying, 'no Tyler, it's not a toy.' Besides, there's nowhere with it closed to lay all the stuff we stack on the table.
    1616 days ago
    Being alone I never eat at the table because it feels so lonely. emoticon
    1616 days ago
    Chris .. I so relate and my daughter told me I needed to put my fork down and chew more.. So I will try with you to sit at the table and put the fork down ..

    1616 days ago
    Yes we can Just do it till it becomes habit
    1616 days ago
    I always eat at the table...
    ... data table, coffee table...!
    1616 days ago
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