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Costume progress... At least I'm making progress SOMEWHERE?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

My weight is still up, but I can only moan about that for so many journal entries. Every day, I try to do a little better on food. Usually, I fail! Today is another day, though. I need to work on getting all my water. I usually feel I'm pretty hydrated if things come out clear by the end of the day, and that hasn't been happening lately. I know I need more water.

Old Workout Partner has come over twice in the past week or so for sewing nights. It's pretty productive! I was a little worried we'd just screw around and watch movies or gossip like we usually do, but we are each making good progress on our personal projects instead! We are both very impressed with outselves.

I did not have a sewing night with OWP last night, but managed to get some sewing done on my own. I've struggled to get the collar on this shirt to lay properly for days now, and even threw the thing across the room and refused to touch it for a few days because of the problems I've had. The pattern I used was kind of confusing, and I was making alterations it probably wasn't meant to have. Now that I'm done with it, I can see ways where my life would have been easier had I assembled things in a slightly different order, but hindsight, eh?

It's done now, and that's what matters. I put a LOT of work into this blouse so it should be fully washable and have no problems whatsoever. I did a lot of extra stitching for durability and decoration, and it turned out pretty well. I'm still not happy with what happened with the collar, but there's not really anything I can do about it without ripping it out and remaking the entire thing. I'm not going to do that. I'm too frustrated with it, so it is how it is!

Here are a few detail shots of the blouse.

Actually, nevermind. The pictures won't come off the memory card. Now I am angry. -..- So much for this blog post, yo!

Maybe I will edit this dumb thing later and add pictures if I can get them off my damnable camera memory card.

Ok. One restart and a lot of wishing I could smash things later...

SOURCE! Here's the character: You know the drill

Here's a few detail shots of the blouse!

What you are looking at there is the collar seam. The collar is sandwiched in between the blouse and the collar facing, so you get a nice, clean seam there. There's some fusible interfacing on the collar facing, but I don't really like the stuff I used. It's not staying down that well. You can't see that from the outside, though! So, it doesn't matter that much! HAH!

The most notable thing about this blouse, I think, is all the time I spent on extra stitching. You can see the double row holding the gathered sleeve and the cuff together here, and you can probably see a little bit of the double row on the shoulder& arm scythe. This pattern did not actually have an arm scythe, and I had to build one in. The sleeves were supposed to be different, too. They were longer and hung pretty loosely. I had to shorten the shoulder to get the sleeve up higher, then cut the sleeve shorter, make the arm bands, and gather everything. It's not perfect, but it'll be under a jacket. Why did I put so much work into something no one will ever see?????

These are the cuffs for the jacket. Like the collar and the cuffs for the blouse, I had to attach the bias tape stripes on them before sewing them together. To make things easier, I ironed my seam allowances in, that way I can just sandwich everything together and baste. There's a lot of extra work here. I'd normally cut a few corners, but I want to make this one properly. Sadly, even when I attach those things.. no one will ever see them! We're doing armored versions of the characters, so there will be a bracer and a jeweled glove on top of both of these :(

This just kind of shows you how everything goes together. Ignore the hat. I wanted to make things as rayearth-themed as possible, because I am a dork. The hat does not actually go with the costume :P

I have attached the jacket lining to the jacket around the neckline. I don't need to do it at the cuffs, since I'm adding those white bands later. I need to shorten the sleeve length a little bit more to allow for the cuffs, and then I can attach those. I need to wait on finishing the bottom hem of the jacket, because I have to wait to see where the skirt sits! Looking at this now, I realize that the bottom of the jacket is supposed to be rounded, but I'll fix that when I finish it. The jacket is supposed to hit just below where the top of the high-waisted skirt band sits, and I don't want to cut it too short and have shirt showing. SO! I can finish the cuffs, work on the bow, and all that other good stuff, but I can't actually finish the jacket until I do the skirt.

All that I really have left for the basic outfit is finishing the jacket and making the skirt. After that, it's all armor! I have to hope and pray my backordered wig comes in, too, though. :(


Here's my pirate Lolita print. I have been sitting on it for years! One of these days, I will make that outfit...

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    I know it's frustrating, but honestly, try not to let the weight being up get you too bummed out. Our bodies are such strange things. I'm sure it's just water weight!

    Your costume is looking great, and boy is that headpiece ever cute! I'm not up on my anime at all, so I have no idea who that is. All I know is that I want to give it a cuddle, lol! Oh, and that pirate Lolita print is awesome! It might even make me reconsider my aversion to anything pink, lol!
    1686 days ago
    1687 days ago
    it's so cute!!! I'm going to be working on my husbands ren faire costume this weekend. doubt i'll finish it though, since I need to buy interfacing and stuff for it. I also need grommets so I can finish my boot covers. I'm going to try to do that this weekend so I can take pics of my almost completed outfit!!! I've been thinking about the leggings I want to buy and I may get ones that match my corset instead of black ones, since iI'll be wearing so much black but *shrug*

    Love the lolita fabric!!!
    1687 days ago
    hang in there
    1687 days ago
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