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Running recap - plus new steps record of 29,041 steps!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Like I said (quickly) last night, I got a late start yesterday on my 12.5 mile run. First off, I overslept!! Didn't wake up until 10am, hung around after eating a protein-rich breakfast and ended up going to have a light lunch with my daughter. Side note: she heads out to Fort Knoxx next Monday on the first leg of her trip. She found out yesterday that she's not going to Slovakia (bummer) but there's about a 90% chance they'll be going to Romania instead.

I then decided to drive to Lake Zorinsky to do my run. It is about a 7 mile round trip around the Lake Zorinsky Loop but there are quite a few areas that are tree covered so I figured I'd get some relief with that, along with a breeze off of the lake itself. The lake is divided by 168th street so I parked in the closest lot to the street where there happened to be a restroom and water fountain and shelters. I took along a insulated water bottle and insulated cup and 2 protein bars and started out going around the western section of the lake and back to my car for a drink and protein bar if I needed them and then headed around the eastern section, over the dam and back (again) to my car.

By that point I had a little over 7 miles in, it was 86 or 87 degrees - ugh - and the sun and heat were getting to me. I took shelter by sitting in my car for about 5 minutes with the door open just to get some shade and water. I headed back around the west end (with my water bottle in hand) and slowed my pace down a bit. I passed a deer that was grazing about 10 feet off of the trail in the shrubbery and trees - she just turned her head and looked at me and continued to chew whatever greenery she found! Cute!

I got back to 168th street and kept on the path around the opposite way of what I went before. I went about a mile down that path and then turned around and crossed back to where I was parked and then ran until I got to my 12.5 miles! It put me just past my parking area so I cut through the picnic area and stopped to do some stretching.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I did more walking than running the last 3.5-4 miles. My legs felt pretty good but the heat really got to me and I felt a bit light headed a few times so I felt it was more wise to walk once I got so hot. I learned that
1) got early in the morning if there's a good chance of being hot
2) hydrate more the day before than I did this time
3) s l o w d o w n my pace at the start! Be in control of my pace, even if I'm feeling pretty good at the start
4) wear sunscreen! My shoulders and upper back are burned today
5) even more stretching afterwards

Today (Friday) hubby and I walked the dogs for 25 minutes once it cooled down a little. It's always fun to get out and walk and talk to neighbors who are outside.
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