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Going Primal?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I don't know for sure, but I thought that I'd give it a shot. I signed up for Mark Sisson's Daily Apple. As soon as I have access to my own computer I will download my free ebooks for more information. From a little bit of what I read, Primal is supposedly better than "Paleo" I don't know. This thing is all new to me...low carb that is. I have a good friend who has thrived on the GAPS diet. Although I think GAPS is great, its a bit much. Its an elimination diet where on the first day all you eat is broth and meat. You continue with that for 3 days and then add in the next ingredient (which I believe is squash if my memory serves me correctly). If you cannot tolerate something on the list than you wait longer to add it in. Its all about healing your gut- which is great. I have been working on including a lot more GAPS friendly foods into my diet. I need to work harder on that.

This evening I was reading up on the number of carbs I would need to consume. The diabetes website recommends 250 which I thought was craziness. Even I, who have never counted carbs up until now, know that 25o is not low carb. After all SP had me set at 275 carbs which is not much higher. I stumbled onto Mark's Daily Apple and found the carb curve. It was very appealing to me because it gave ranges according to if you wanted to lose, etc. I decided to start with 150 carbs and eventually lower my way down to 100. I may go even lower than that, but 150 is satisfactory to me for now.

The one thing that I am not ready to give up at this point is dairy. I can back off, but I do not want to give it up entirely. GAPS recommends making your own yogurt and kefir. I've wanted to try that. My best friend is also interested in GAPS and has utilized some of the recipes. I am moving in with her family in a week and we are talking about making some things together. I would like to try my hand at Yogurt. I've already made almond butter, but need a nut grinder to truly make it all the time. I've also thought about making my own Ghee (clarified butter) and Kombucha.

There's so much info its all a little overwhelming. A friend of mine talked to me today about getting out the gluten at least if its too overwhelming to just go extremely low carb. She said that way I could still have potatoes. (She's a health nut too- makes kombucha, ghee...all that kind of stuff)

All I know is that I cannot go back to just counting calories alone and not caring enough about where those calories come from. I do not want to have an episode again where I spike my blood sugar way up and then have this mega ton crash.

This isn't just for me. My husband has struggled with hypo glycemia most of his adult life. I am going to prove to him that I can beat it with the appropriate diet. He fights his crashes with more carbs- junky carbs to be precise- and thus feeds a vicious cycle. I have counted calories- or points- off an on for most of my teenage/adult life. I have tried countless times to get my husband to jump on the calorie counting bandwagon to no avail. But what if that just isn't for him? What if he is able to manage better by watching his carbs? I don't know that i can get him to count carbs, but I certainly will have no problem getting him to choose low carb snacks and meals. I know that I can get him to back off of the carbs. He's already losing weight, so I have a feeling that if he joins me this time, he'll really move with leaps and bounds.

Case in point- tonight my husband chose Arby's for our fri night meal (we usually have to get something quick...although I should start making homemade to go). He said he chose it specifically cuz he knew I could get a decent amount of meat. However, the look on his face was priceless when I ordered 3 Jr Roast Beef sandwiches. Even more perplexed when I asked for a fork. When I set the buns aside he finally understood the method to my madness. I ate, was satisfied and didn't cave in to curly fries.

I don't know if my diet is perfect yet. In fact, I know its not. I ate way too many calories tonight- about 500 over, yet I stayed in my carb range. I still want to stay in my 2000 a day range. I also want to eat a lot more veggies and fruits and lean meats. I want to back off of the nuts and cheeses. I also don't want to be consuming processed junk.

One thing that I have noticed is that at times I am very very hungry. When I am eating plenty of veggies this is not a problem. But when veggies are not along side the meat and cheese it is really super hard.

So, that is why I joined Mark's Daily Apple- and the Primal sparkteam. I'm not willing to just wing it and hope for the best. I'm willing to do some trial and error. But I will not fly by the seat of my pants. I am willing to completely change my way of thinking, shake things up, and see how my body responds to this and I will do this responsibly armed with information. Wish me luck!
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FALLENXRUBY 7/25/2013 12:08AM

    Hey there! I've been primal on-the-road for the past month and a half. This means that I have eaten more Slim Jims than our ancestors, but I have been sticking to meat and veggies. I have lost about 25 so far. I would love to be your accountability partner if you choose to embrace this lifestyle!

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LARSIL 7/15/2013 9:32PM

    The "elimination diet" concept is also good for those who are trying to identify a specific allergy - which my family has had to deal with on a much lower level than what you described. Of my three children, one is sensitive to dairy (and would LIVE on cheese), one is sensitive to wheat gluten (and is a carboholic!), and one is sensitive to peanuts (and, of course, absolutely loves peanut butter!). The children "dodged a bullet" by identifying the sensitive foods, and we avoided it going into full-blown allergies by eliminating the offending nutrients for a time.

In your efforts, I hope your "healing the gut" helps - and that the symptoms take care of themselves with minimal effort. We're thinking of you, and always read to read your blogs and sympathize - you've got a safe place here to blow off steam and VENT whenever you need a sympathetic ear.

Best always -

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