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Does time really heal old wounds?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

My unraveling started 3 weeks ago when I found my old diaries and the emotions of a break up that were stuffed deep down inside erupted like a volcano. I felt raw, vulnerable , hurt and of course focused on how unfair life is. But through tapping and lots of friends around me here and in my family I have slowly started feeling better. Still not 100% but definitely better than 3 weeks ago.
Today is supposed to be my independence day. 21 years I made a decision and I don't regret running. Yet today ... after all these years it still hurts - a lot.
I took time to meditate, to tap and do things that please me. Since I am off juicing I had protein and ate veggies with some cheese. Had my favorite juices. Surrounded myself with fun people. I did good.
But when I wrote in my diary ... a different story unfolded. Still the why's... still the what if's. Which make no sense as I knew what I was doing that day. If you met me, you would realize within 5 min that I am very hopelessly optimistic, and totally unromantic. Yet i think my mind is hoping for stupid Hollywood ending.
Like that is even a remote possibility. And lets humor the brain and say .. ok lets say it does happen. And miraculously he flies across the atlantic and shows up at my door step. Then what?
So I have my work cut out. Though I am not crying every 5 min anymore, I still cry. It still catches me off guard. It still hurts. It still feels unfair. But the most unfair is, that my heart hasn't healed and because of that it has not allowed love to enter.
I think it is time I change that.
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  • KJACOBS1111
    I know you said you're off juicing, but I kind of wonder if some of this is related...with juicing for me all kinds of emotional stuff I'd buried and not dealt with from my past came up more and more as I went on...and I had to figure out how to deal with all this old stuff all the sudden out of nowhere...I prescribe long walks outside in nature & music.
    1677 days ago
  • KJACOBS1111
    Lovely angel cards & free angel card reading here: www. newagestore. com/ Divination/ Angels.aspx I really like these, they are very hopeful and uplifting.
    1677 days ago
    thank your former beau, for without the experience you would not be the person you are today, and i personally think that person is pretty neat!!

    along with your tapping you might want to add the mantra that, "today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today!!"

    fake it til you make it!!
    1684 days ago
    Thank you so much for the wonderful guidance. I have been asking Archangel Michael to cut the chords of everything that is unwanted, pain, hate, betrayal, hurt, un-trust, and anything else that might show up. I only leave the chords of love. I will try to meditate and follow the steps you suggested.
    XOX emoticon

    1685 days ago
    I forgot to say

    YES!!! emoticon

    Time does heal all wounds, just forgive yourself...and it will, I heard someone say just yesterday that her 70 year Mother old just found Love this year....there's hope for all of us, clear away the old, & make way for the new to come in the now, never in the past...& it will happen....we all deserve that Hollywood ending, you just have to clear the pathway to it, & let it manifest....

    Love & Light

    Sylvia xx

    emoticon emoticon
    1685 days ago
    Ven, I think, well, I know that the Universe is telling us to cleanse ourselves of all these old hurts in our past. Now, I'm sure you know that we are all perfect, magnificent energy beings, everything we do is for a reason, we do nothing wrong, as long as we recognise that & work to forgive ourselves, and learn whatever lesson we need to , and then cleanse, cut the cords binding us to the past, and live in the moment, move on, don't continue to be in the past. You didn't just 'discover' those old diaries, Spirit put them in front of you ....when you meditate, try & delve back into the past, find other hurts, let them wash over you, 'stand back' from yourself, see yourself meditating, ie disconnect from the 'feelings' let these feelings manifest, let yourself have a good cry, then let them go, cut the cords, ask your Angels & Guides for help in doing this....Then surround yourself with white light, and fill it with lovely pink Love energy, straight from your heart, then you will be standing in Love & Light! Now, rest and do something that makes you really a funny movie, dance to some happy music... find it on YouTube....anything that makes you laugh & be happy....
    If I can be of any more help, please, just ask...I am only too happy to be of service, dear one....

    In Love, Light & Oneness

    Sylvia xo

    emoticon emoticon YOU ARE emoticon XOXO
    1685 days ago
    RisingBlueStar: Well I wish this wound would just get up and go! LOL.
    Really unsettling how these emotions came pouring out, as if a dam broke and drowned everything else. I am taking it one day at a time, and hoping for the best.
    1686 days ago
    Some wounds heal easily than others and old wounds can reopen and flood us with emotions. Some leave lasting scars. It's difficult. It's a struggle. Acknowledging this is healthy even though it hurts. You have come a long way and you should be proud of your choices even if all of the "whys" aren't answered. There may be a lot of work ahead of you but you are strong and determined and you can do it. Maybe you won't have a Hollywood ending but there is still hope for a happy ending. Change is a good thing. It takes time.

    I wish you the best when it comes to dealing with this. I want to see you have your happy ending. emoticon

    1687 days ago

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