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Serene night kayaking...

Friday, July 12, 2013

So, I went for a run today AND went kayaking this evening. I didn't have to pick one or the other because my brother decided he wanted to do another night launch on Cassadaga Lake, so I had plenty of time for both. I also walked Cooper 3 times today (with bribes) for 7.3 miles. I only ran my 2.1 mile loop today since it wasn't a scheduled run day. It only took me 16 minutes and my breathing and form were decent.

Tonight's paddle got a slightly later start than planned as Jeremy took a nap around 6pm, and didn't wake up until 8pm. He must have been tired! Then we couldn't find one of the headlamps, which is necessary gear for a night paddle. I ended up borrowing one from my dad. (We found the missing one after we had reloaded the kayaks after our paddle.) I love paddling in the dark. Well, I should qualify that as I love paddling in the dark... on water I know really, really well. The water was mirror flat tonight, and the stars were out. There was a crescent moon low on the horizon in the West, but it didn't provide much light. I also spotted two shooting stars. (That must be good luck!)We saw a Great Horned Owl before it got all the way dark, and listened to the Screech Owls for a while. We also interrupted a couple of beavers who were not amused and slapped their tails at us. They are loud when they do that. Jeremy said he wanted to do a leisurely paddle tonight, but I wanted to practice the proper form for my forward stroke, so I ended up only putting about 30% into my stroke. It was pretty effortless. At that intensity I think I could paddle for hours... comfortably. It took us just over 90 minutes to paddle about 5 miles, so we were doing a pretty steady pace of 3.5ish mph. I like paddling with my brother because we can paddle for an hour in silence and it doesn't feel awkward. Some folks we have paddled with are constantly talking or fidgeting, and it drives both of us batty.

I am not certain if I will get a run in tomorrow, as I am walking the dog first thing in the morning, then going out to my parents' house to make lunch for us all. If the wind is minimal then Jeremy and I will attempt to paddle some more of the Lake Erie shoreline. Last time we got as far as Evangola State Park, so we would launch from there, and see how far towards Buffalo we can get in a set amount of time.

I switched to the new fitness and nutrition tracker set up, and with everything I did today it says I should have eaten nearly 4,000 calories today! Not happening!! I can't imagine eating that much. I know I routinely used to eat that way, which is how I got to be 320 pounds in the first place, but I have so completely changed my habits and expectations in the last two years, that now I can't imagine eating that much in one day. Two days? Sure, but not one day. So, I am going to stick with 2,000 to 2,500 calories today, and see what the tracker says tomorrow.
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    I am doing my own thing as far as calories because the new calorie tracker wants me to eat way more than I think is reasonable for me .
    1654 days ago
    Congrats on another awesome day. Hope Cooper is doing better soon.
    1654 days ago
    I'm a little concerned that giving Cooper treats to make him walk with you could make it such a habit that he won't go back to walking without the treats. Is he moving well enough yet to play games with? Maybe making walk fun will be a better idea.

    Way to go on the night kayaking trip. It sounds beautiful.

    1654 days ago
    The night kayaking sounds so peaceful and serene. Sounds like it's got to be great for the soul and spirit. I would love to do that!
    1654 days ago
    The new calorie calculation put me over 3,000... I'm not going there. I ate a little more than usual and now I'm up a pound.

    1655 days ago
    4,000! I don't know if I could eat that much now, if I tried. I learned too many good habits, lol.
    1655 days ago
    I'm so glad that you can enjoy the quiet companionship of your brother. I can't imagine anything so tranquil as the night paddle you described being violated by someone who felt obligated to fill the silence. Great job on your run today.
    Paws up to Cooper- he's starting to come along- hopefully he won't gain weight from the treats and need the walks- but at least he's walking .
    1655 days ago
    Go for it!
    1655 days ago
    I am not sure about the new calorie tracker either.
    1655 days ago
    I don't know about kayaking, but I love to go biking at night. It's almost like a meditation to go out and ride underneath the stars and moon. And the calories was how I was today also. I wouldn't dare eat that much in calories even if it told me to eat that much. Keep it up it sounds like you are doing a great job!!! emoticon
    1655 days ago
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