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Made Some Changes This Week

Friday, July 12, 2013

I've been wondering for a while if I am getting enough calories for the amount of activity that I do. I exercise quite a bit but generally eat the minimum calories. SP has been suggesting for a few months now that I recalculate my calories, but ever since I had surgery for acid reflux I just can't eat as much, so I knew it was pointless. But now it has been a few months and I can eat a bit more so I decided to make some changes. First I looked to see how many calories SP (in combination with my FitBit) says that I have been burning each week. It said that I burn quite a lot of calories, but I think that is overstated so I took half of that and entered it in. My calorie range is now higher. So, I am trying to eat more. I am a little nervous about it but I am going to try it out for three or four weeks and see how it goes. Today I really had a hard time eating enough but I think that as I get used to this, it will get better.

In addition, I have changed up my exercise routine a bit. I had been walking about three miles a day, sometimes more, and occasionally less, and I had been doing strength training videos at home. Sometimes I would do some other fitness videos. It has been pretty hot for walking lately so I joined the fitness center at work. I've been using the treadmill there and then doing some of the weight machines. I also have been riding my exercise bike at home at night, and I have been doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred every now and then. This is totally different from what I am used to but I feel the need to change things up a bit and challenge myself more. I think that I have gotten fewer minutes of exercise this week but some of it has been more intense. So, with the calorie changes and the exercise changes, I will see how it goes. I am only about ten pounds from my goal and only about six pounds away from the NORMAL weight range (YAY!) and my weight loss has slowed drastically. I hope that these changes help me rev things up and that I don't end up gaining! Today was my weigh day and I ended up losing about half a pound. But since I didn't start this all until Monday or Tuesday, I am not really going to be sure how things are going until my next weigh in.

Coincidentally, the day after I changed my calories to the higher level, SP announced the changes to the trackers whereby we can opt to let our activity levels determine the recommended caloric intake. I guess this little experiment will help me decide if I want to change to that method or not.
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