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Friday, July 12, 2013

Okay so this is the second half of my blog , When I feel emotionally upset I over eat that the story in a nut shell. So I have been thinking when I am in my logical mind what can I do to prevent this or at least make it better. I started off reading some articles about how to do this and some ideas were great ! Like keeping busy , getting enough rest, mediation , exercise, But some seemed a little weird .... at least for me ,because of course what works for one person might not for another. One was ~Take an apple, savor the taste.Meditate on the apple growing in a beautiful orchard ..Excuse me I AM JAWS HERE !!!! I am a shark I smell blood my eyes roll up in my head and I WANT TO BINGE ! If I could relax and just stare at an apple and meditate on it then I wouldnt have this problem !!!! Another one was write in a journal about your sadness or anger ,that might work for some people but not for me. My mom used to write in a journal all the sad things and things that made her angry and even lists of things people did that annoyed her and after she died it really just broke my heart to read those things , I dont want to be hit by a bus tomorrow and my son find my journal * which I do write in one but its mainly more thoughts on life or upbeat things * Anyways I dont want him to find it and think Omg Mom was really pitiful !
So its important that I find things that work for ME ! I understand if these things work for other people . So I am going to use myself as a guinea pig this week, after Sunday , *which is monthly weigh in day for the spark team , THE BUDDY SYSTEM .
I will for one week not track calories but practice mindful eating when I am in my regular mood. I will record the calories and at the end of the week add them up and see if I did better then last week.
During the next months weighing time, I will pay attention to my triggers or people who trigger me.
I have been doing very well on my exercise but I will plan to do even more as I know it relaxes me .
For the people I love who sometimes ,hurt my feelings even if they dont mean to I am going to tell each one of those people this month how much I love them and how much they mean to me. Maybe I will even work up the courage to ask my friend if I can come over for Coffee , No dinner, candles or entertainment needed,because sometimes I think it doesnt hurt to ask if you need something .
For those who hurt my feelings who dont love me or I dont love , I am going to let them go emotionally . My Grandmother used to say " Living well is the best revenge," she said that it doesnt mean you think I am going to get rich or skinny or whatever it is to annoy people or make people suffer but it means what you did to me , the hurt you caused me , didnt defeat me,, you didnt get what you wanted , Despite all your efforts I am happy and I am letting you go .
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    You have such an entertaining writing style. I know you are sharing deep thoughts, and that is not lost on me. But your blogs really make me laugh.
    I can relate to the experimenting you are doing. Please share your insights. I think you are onto something. As far as the journal, I have also done journals with negative emotions but have also thought I didn't want anyone to find them. I only keep them about a month, assuming I'll live at least that long!
    As far as your friend that doesn't have you over.....I think this is not about you but instead about her. She maybe lacks self-confidence regarding entertaining or has a strong sense of needing a totally personal space that cannot be invaded.....something psychological like that.
    1712 days ago
    I literally LOL'ed (not at your blog, but at the name dropping) Excellent points, guess you will be setting our goals for next month!

    I am going through some issues that this blog has nailed...thank you

    See you on THE BUDDY SYSTEM :)
    1713 days ago
  • TREV1964
    You have this synopsis spot on at the end of this.

    I knew somebody about a decade ago who seriously started self harming when her boyfriend dumped her. A week or so later I was playing Piano in a pub where the boyfriend was drinking with a group of his friends at the bar. They were quite loud and boisterous and it was quite easy to hear of their conversation. The subject matter turned around to this girls self harming and they were all having a laugh about it - I can distinctly remember the ex boyfriend saying "This is great - I was thinking about harassing her a bit for all the stuff she put me through but she's saving me the effort."

    Now eventually got over her situation and made it publicly known when she gained an extra 2 A level examination, when she got two quick promotions and was head hunted into a job with unbelievable perks and a doubling of her already substantially improved wages. She then brought her own house and again made sure the ex knew about it.

    It really was the best revenge -

    I know from seeing him when playing at times it really got to him and it was a phenomenal act of revenge that had effect more than anything else she could have done. This motivated her to do even more and everything she done to improve herself hurt him more and more.

    You sum this situation up most perfectly in this very well written blog.

    Well done.


    1714 days ago
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