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Chicken, cheap, roasted, healthy, and delicious!

Friday, July 12, 2013

I have to tell you about the chicken we made for dinner tonight. It came out of the oven so good, that we talked about the food on our plates and made plans for another run to Walmart.

While in the Walmart Super Store the other day we bought Tyson's chicken. There were two whole chickens sealed in individual bags and then sealed in an outer bag to make them sell at two chickens. We paid 98 cents a pound for them which made them cost $8.00 and change. We brought them home, washed them, dried them with a holy tea towel I use for such occasions and then we stuffed their insides with some salt, pepper, and one got fresh basil from the garden, while the other got fresh rosemary from the garden. We added Emeral's seasoning to the outside, sprayed them with Pam and shoved them in the oven.

They roasted in the same pan at 375°F for 1 hour and 45 minutes, expecting to roast them for 2 hours total. We had to look twice because the scent and aroma was overpowering and delicious. We based them with their own juice both times. When they came out, we let them sit for a few minutes, couldn't wait any longer and destuffed them, dissected them and I ate a breast and wing. I removed the beautiful skin as I haven't eaten chicken skin in years as it was always too fat and gross for my tastes. I did try one piece that was well done, all the fat was melted away from it and it was seasoned. Yes, it was great, but that was all I ate of it.

We have a pot of soup stock already on the stove and we are going to make cabbage soup using what stock we have already created with the juice from the pan. To do that, we poured all the juice from the pan, let it sit until the fat lifted to the top. Then we removed all the fat and added the cabbage. We bought cold slaw mix from the store as it's a quick and easy way to make cabbage soup. It has some carrots in it and a bit of purple cabbage, too.

We were so impressed by the flavorful, healthy, and cheap meal we made we are going to buy another set of chickens at Walmart. Haven't had a great meal like that in so long, it was super. And to sit there and discuss it was another rarity as we never do that.

Two winners tonight.

Have a great one! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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