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One positive choice - that's all you need to do today

Friday, July 12, 2013

Woo hoo! It is sunny and hot but not unbearable... and the word is it will be like this the whole weekend. I'm delighted! I have been puttering at the garden despite the weather. I can't believe how everything has been growing in all the rain we have had. My poor tomatoes are going to really take off if the sun really stays.

So what do I want to talk about today? Choices. The old me used to make grandiose plans. Charts, lists, promises to myself... and then forget. It was convenient instead to listen to my food brain and I'm sure because I was eating so much "junk" my brain was foggy on the best days. I didn't have energy to exercise so when I did... it was exhausting rather than invigorating... and I had pain. The new me delights in eating good foods. No, I don't always crave them, but my body is learning how good it feels when I do eat regularly and junk free. My brain is clearer so I CAN remember my goals. I remember that I'm trying to firm up my arms and strengthen my core and make my heart work. As I get stronger it gets easier and there is less pain.... or no pain! But the most important difference is I recognize that each choice I make is a choice in a direction. Either I can choose towards my goals or away from them.

Good choice last night - I crawled into bed before 10:00 and got 8 hrs. sleep!
Good choice this morning - doing some yard work before breakfast
Good choice this morning - grapefruit because my body seems to react positively to it
Good choice this afternoon - a salad bar lunch out that cost me less than $5 and was a mix of veggies, quinoa and salmon
Good choices shopping for groceries - no junk food, lots of fruit, some GF grains for baking this weekend.
Good choice this afternoon - coffee and water water water

The wonderful thing about positive choices is they seem to make the next choice easier. I look back at what the old me was trying to do and I want to encourage anyone who keeps trying and failing. That was me and I do remember how hard it was. I remember too that I was very critical of myself and instead of looking at what I did do would berate myself for not doing it perfectly, or not enough. Be patient grasshopper! Love yourself and be kind to yourself. Give yourself a emoticon for making a good choice. Put it in writing here and let us emoticon with you! You can do this! One step at a time.
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