Friday, July 12, 2013

Wednesday I went back, AGAIN, to the crappy temp agency to fill out more paperwork, AGAIN, for NGK. They open at 8:30, I got there at 8:10, and waited for the doors to be opened. Even though I was there ahead of time, there were a ton of job seekers there and I didn't get out until 11:30. Even the temp agencies that have a system, and actually do really have jobs (clients), and really place people in those jobs, are a disorganized and understaffed mess, and crappy.

While waiting endlessly there, I heard from multiple people that the job at the plastic cup manufacturer was to be avoided at all costs. That confirmed what my instincts had told me . . . I was glad to get the inside info on that. Not a job lead that I'll be running down.

I did paperwork with a different person than the one I spoke with on Tues. I asked again about Thur's orientation, and what are the steps to finding out shift days and shift hours info, is that after orientation? And she said no we won't know then, we'll just call you.

So it's NOT true I'll know Thurs at 5 (did I mention how much I hate temp agencies?) unless I'm a forklift driver, who get assignments on the spot and leave orientation with a job. (NOT).

Apparently I won't even have a few days' notice to give to my piddly pay job (did I mention how much I hate temp agencies?) . Sooooooooo unprofessional.

After going to NGK's temp agency, I went to the airhead temp agency with the new address (no pink flags). I asked, "If I apply here today, and fill out your paperwork, do you have today, right now, presently, currently, jobs available TODAY, and if so what are they?" Machine operators requiring experience was all they had. I cut them off and redirected 3 times when "went into the dream" spiel about "that can change at any moment at the drop of a hat" blah blah blah.

There were 3 staff people there, unfortunately I was stuck with the psycho / control freak, so I left without applying there. Like all the other places, they have no work to give you because they have no jobs, but they want you to make multiple appointments and fill out paperwork with them 10 times. And then have you call back in every Monday. No thank you.

Last night at work at the piddly pay job, there was a new girl there, a young innocent fresh teenager. I felt soooooooo sorry for her because she started working there . . . but a really nice girl. However she knows nothing except how to do dishes and mop, so, we were short handed all night long, just the two of us, myself and the shift manager, running the place. When she or I went on break, there was only one of us and we were working alone. It was not good, but, there is always some bizarre unprofessional sitch going on there, so I handled it okay because unprofessional is their normal, and I was back to my old self emotionally, so I could handle it.

Having only 3 items on Wed, the NGK temp agency, the airhead temp agency, and the piddly pay job shift, seemed like a "light" day after Tuesday's harrowing day.

Thanks again for all your support, SPFriends. emoticon emoticon
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