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The new tracking method

Friday, July 12, 2013

I was not a fan of the old tracking method as it gave me such a big amount of calories for the day since I am hooked up to my fitbit through this site also. I put in the weekly calories that my fitbit told me I burned in a week and SparkPeople would tell me I could eat over 2000 calories in a day for a half pound loss each week.

Don't know about the update? Read about it in this SparkBlog:

I switched over to the new method, which any new member would be using now anyhow. I was pretty much used to this method on my fitbit tracking. I'm also going to start tracking my food intake for a while again to see how it works and if I can get off this last 30 pounds that just won't budge. I know when I track, I lose the weight and when I don't I know I can stick to an approximate weight. So it's time to finish getting rid of those last 30 and try out the new method of tracking with more accuracy.

The basics of each method.

The old way you had a certain amount of calories that stays that way no matter how much extra movement you do in a day. It would yell at you at the end of the week if you're burning more calories than you're taking in. You have to do the math each week to determine how active you're going to be.

The old method is good if you like to see a certain calorie amount each day and don't like things to change. It's great if you are seeing that exercise lets you eat more and you might start having mental issues that turn into anorexia-style exercise all the time to get the weight off thinking.

The new way more accurately shows how much you move in a day. It's similar to most other trackers out there (fitbit, myfitnesspal, etc.). If you have a step tracker attached to your Spark account, then it automatically figures out your activity level for the day, leaving the work to the computers.

If you don't have a fancy gadget hooked up, you can pick your activity level, many of us will be at the lowest level of fitness to begin with, then as you add your exercise for the day, you're allowed more calories for the day.

I know some days I sit all day long, so those days I should be eating less, but there are some days I'm out all day long, so I can get away with eating a little more and still be on schedule with my weight loss.

If you started up your account more than 3 days ago, you still have the ability to use the old method. It worked for me for my first 50 pounds, so I'm not about to bash it completely, but I do like the new way as it shows how different activity levels each week can help you figure out why the weight is coming off at different rates each week.

Be sure to read the entire SparkBlog before you decide to switch as it's a permanent change if you do. I may like the new method better, but you may not, so keep to your individual preference.

Today's Holidays: Simplicity Day, Cow Appreciation Day, Collector Car Appreciation Day, Different Colored Eyes Day (I may not have two completely different eye colors, I have seen people like that, but one of my hazel eyes had a fun brown spot on it) and National Pecan Pie Day (eat in moderation since it's the highest calorie pie you could eat!).
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    According to the new method - I am undereating - we will see!
    1680 days ago
    I like the old method. The new one won't track SP if you're on fitbit. If you forget to take your fitbit with you, you can't plug in your counts by yourself.
    Even SP says that if you exercise more on one day, not to change your calories, because the next day you may do less. It's the average amount per week that counts. It would give people too much license to overeat on days they exercised more. Extra exercise only burns a small amount more of calories. I just have to remember to stay on the low side of my calorie count. The old way lets you put in your own exercise counts. I've always kept it a little lower because that's the only times I lost weight.
    Good luck with the new. Tell us how you like it again in a few weeks. Many of us will be watching.

    1680 days ago
    I feel like the new method gives me too many calories. I switched over and wish I hadn't. I felt like I would never lose weight if I am eating back the calories I burn. But it is what it is and I will adjust my goal and my thinking.
    1680 days ago
    I haven't changed over yet however I've scheduled to set up a new account to and check it out. It makes sense that the two trackers be connected; on days you workout less, you should adjust your calorie intake and visa verse. The new method pushes users to plan ahead more. I've been using weekly averaging to determine if I was in the ballpark for food and exercises, and the new method will take that into account, at least I think it will (lol)!

    I really hope the new method is emoticon given the new members will have to work with it immediately.

    It should be interesting to see the shifting numbers n the nutrition tracker. emoticon emoticon
    1681 days ago
  • ACRAIG921
    I switched over to the new method and I will weigh in tomorrow so I'll at least have more feedback on that tomorrow. I also use myfitnesspal on my phone and it tracks the same way. I like that I am not over my calories on days that I have worked out. Let's hope that the scale says good things tomorrow!!
    1681 days ago
    My IPhone has the updated version and my desktop has the old version and I am still out on a verdict about the new version. I think I will just stick to the old version my desktop until I get a good feel for it on my Iphone.
    1681 days ago
  • KAT321123
    I've been mentally going back and forth about switching. I estimate my calories burned weekly at 2,000 and most weeks am within 100 calories of that. Seems to work okay for me and I don't think the new method would really make a difference *shrug*
    1681 days ago
    This is the second blog I've read about the changes. I have the SparkPeople app on my phone and it has always given the calorie differential, which I never found overly useful, mostly because estimating calories in food or exercise is so uncertain.

    After reading the article you linked to above, I don't think I'm going to switch. I will stick with what I have. My main goal in tracking is to count my exercise minutes anyway.
    1681 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    I don't know what to do. With the last switch they made with the fitness tracker---it rarely subtracks calories burned -even after I mentioned what was happening. Now it makes me not want to make any changes they offer. to wait to see how it works out(see how many will have problems). So guess I will plug along and keep my sanity with what I got. I just keep my calories burned here myself.
    1681 days ago
    I think I'm sticking with the old, for now. My issue is that I almost always exercise at night, so I'd never know my numbers until it is basically too late. Sometimes, it can be a lot (I've had 1,500 to 2,800 calorie-burning bike rides). And, I don't eat that much extra on those days, even though I'm maintaining. Instead, I use the old method, where you can still input the number of calories you expect to burn over the course of the week via the Cardio Setup. Then, I have the exercise goal to meet, and daily calorie ranges that stay the same and I can plan for. By entering the calories you expect to burn via exercise, you can actually change your nutrition numbers without joining the new system.
    1681 days ago
    The old method is working for me so I am going to stay put. I do not like change and I am worried that the new tracker would cause me to go over the edge and I would go exercise crazy.
    1681 days ago
    I switched to the new tracking method and like it so far. I think I have been eating two few calories and so far that seems to be true. I also like the graphic for keeping track of the number of fruits and veggies.
    1681 days ago
    I've changed my page over to the new food tracker but it does seem strange that it says I can eat more when I've exercised! I thought the whole thing was about calories in -v- calories burned. I think most days it's going to tell me I haven't eaten enough but if my body is happy then I'll keep going as I am.

    I use anApp on DH's phone called Map my Walk and Map my Ride when we go out and I always find that it credits me more calorie burn than when I enter the information into my fitness tracker. My treadmill tells me I am burning more too. I figure that if I am actually burning more that my Spark Fitness Tracker tells me I am then I'm happy.

    Tracking confuses me at the best of times.
    1681 days ago
    Hi there,

    I read about the new trakcing method and decided to wait until I am in the maintenance phase.....the old method seems to work best for me right now....

    1681 days ago
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