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What was I thinking!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

My new top came. What was I thinking!! It's awful, I mean it looks great on the hanger but on me it looks awful! All my rolls of fat are exposed by the cut of this leaving nothing to the imagination. You would think making something in this size, they would be kinder and use more material. It would cost more to return this then it's worth so I'll push it to the back of the closet for now. I'm so disappointed, :(

Yesterday I had a donut day. I knew it was coming and I let it happen. The donut craving had been building and a sale on them at 2/$1. Blasted n my face. They were not as good as I remembered them. I couldn't get my favorite triple chocolate ones so I settled for glazed cake ones and found them unsatisifing. How I wish I went somewhere else, paid the higher price and got exactly what I wanted. I wish I didn't let money rule sometimes but $9 a dozen ( more if you buy less than the dozen), I just can't swallow them and enjoy them. It's my upbringing and hard to change.

So instead of having real food, I had a donut for breakfast, 2 for lunch and 2 for supper. I finished my day with ice cream for a snack and needless to say not only do I regret it today but I don't feel great either. So putting it behind me, today will be a better day. The donuts are gone so no more temptations. I think of everything, donuts rank right up there as my favorites. I know I can't stop at one so I rarely have them but then I have a donut day and I'm good for at least 6 months before the craving comes back. Ok, so I gained 1 lb but its not 3 and working had, I'll take it back off quickly.
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    I think different than most about indulging in a craving. I find if I give myself at least a little bit of it then like you said either I find that it is not as good as I imagined and had built it up to or I just have no more craving for a long time afterwards. I think it is as much a mental game as real time.

    But the way I have been giving in to sweets lately is buying a small one or two quantity portion so I do not over indulge. The bigger the item is the more I indulge, so I buy only small quantities and damn the cost.

    Thankfully with Summer I fill most of my cravings with fruit, such a variety and delious options so that is mostly enough for me.
    1711 days ago
    We all have those days and those temptations. Don't beat yourself up over it. I made the decision a couple of weeks ago that I can no longer buy bags of Chex Mix. Last bag I bought, I ate it all - and it was a big bag! Ugh

    I bet the top looks better on you than you think...
    1711 days ago
  • 1EMMA2011
    My friend only eats doughnuts on Christmas Day - hard to imagine, isn't it... I love doughnuts and will treat myself every now and then :)

    1714 days ago
    As for gaining a pound over night......you didnt. Don't be so hard on yourself.
    If you weighed youself yesterday and then today...you have not had a chance to poop out the product so you are still weighing the food you ate.

    Do the math cake doughnut (200 calories )x 5 = 1000 calories
    Ice cream 1 cup (267 calories)

    So if all you had was doughnuts and ice cream, even if it was 2 cups of ice cream,
    is not blowing your daily allowances of food, in most cases. Even if it did, it is not by much and you should slide by a weekly weigh in without a gain.
    1715 days ago
    We all have those days. Yesterday was blueberry bagel and cream cheese for me. I love them, and I used to have one for breakfast every morning. Now I have them once in a while. I paid the price in a higher sugar reading, but I know I can get that back down again.

    I'm thinking that they didn't taste as good as you remember is a good thing for you. Maybe the craving won't be as intense next time? I find it's that way with soda. I used to love my diet coke, and not I am not a huge fan of any soda anymore because I feel yucky after.
    1715 days ago
  • BOSS61
    I'm sure you look fine in the new top. Post a pic and let the jury of your Spark Friends decide!

    Re Donuts: A Dr. Seuss moment if there ever was one. Today was fun. Today is done. Tomorrow is another one.

    So get back on the bicycle. And no donuts today!

    1715 days ago
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