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My House story

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I shared this on a team here and decided maybe others would like to know my house story.

I love old worn things. I'm going to tell you about my house..We built a house down in Louisiana when my hubby and I married. We combined families. His 2 sons and my one. Mine was 5 at the time and his were 6 &8 when we married. We had been married about 2 years and bought 3 acres down there. We built our own house with our own 2 hands from cinder blocks and peckie cypress on the inside. We stuccoed the outside. We loved our house and he was working on a big rice farm. I was teaching in nearest big town. Our sons were going to a small rural school near where we lived but after the 9th grade they were bussed to the town I worked in. The high school there was awful. Fights and no discipline. When the oldest was in 9th grade we were dreading him going to that big high school. And then my husband lost his job. The rice farm was owned by an insurance conglomerate and they only had it for tax right off. Well they sold to the state and the farm became part of the Louisiana wildlife program (it is all wild now) And so on a whim I applied for a job up where we live now. We had brought the boys to this area camping each summer and we loved it. Well lo and behold (God was in this) I got the job. We put the house up for sale and moved within 2 weeks of me starting work. Sonny did not have a job so it was up to me to support us all at first. Well we wound up renting our house in Louisiana but we had hoped to buy a nice house here after the sale of ours but since everything fell through we could not find a house to rent in this area. A week went by and I had a week before school started and we were getting desperate so we bought a new single wide mobile home and moved it to a rent lot near where we live now. It was so sad leaving our big home we had built ourselves but we felt is was a move God had for us. Well we lived on this lot for 2 years. During that time we found the 6 acres we live on and gave an offer of $5000. This was in 1987. The people had paid $8000 and they only wanted what they paid. It was sectioned off in 2 lots. And it was cut over and trees that were left were small and lots and lots of underbrush, briars and just plain ugly. Well we told them our offer was firm at $5000..several months rocked on and they would call us and had lowered the price by $1000 each time..we told them no each time. Finally I guess they needed the money so they sold it to us for what we offered for it. In 1988 we had a nice old Christian couple who drilled wells to come out and they were what you call old school..they witched for water and sure enough he found a great underground artesian well when he drilled. He had the old pounding type drill..Well once the well was drilled we decided to move the trailer to our property and we ran water lines up the hill to where we eventually wanted to build another house. We had begun clearing the property and making it not so wild and wooly. Well we lived in the trailer on this property for awhile and even added on a make-do room on the back. Wasn't much to look at. Well the oldest son graduated in 1989 and the other 2 in 1992. We had our trailer and land paid for completely. With the boys going on their own journeys we were without kids anymore so we had thought to build the house like planned. But we both decided that since we had it all paid for and we really hated to have to get a mortgage on the property to build and pay for it for many many more years we decided to just fix our trailer up. We first added a roof. Then we eventually added log siding. We only did this when we got the money to pay completely for it. We did not get one loan to do it. Then in December 1999 on Christmas day night we had a terrible ice storm and it tore up many of our cedar and wild cherry trees. We took advantage of it and took the logs in to a small one man saw mill and had sawn into lumber. We took the cedar and added on a nice size dining room and tore off that old make-do room and added a huge laundry & stock room. We turned the old laundry area into a walk in pantry. Over the years we have cut more cherry, cedar and black walnut from our property and our neighbors and had sawn into lumber and used it to remodel the entire inside of our house. We have torn out all the cabinets through out and replaced. I made tile for the counters in our bath and kitchen as I had a ceramic shop (I still have the kiln) And All the floors and almost all the walls are solid wood. To look at our house now from the outside people think it is a log cabin and they really can't tell much from the inside that it once was a trailer house. My husband had even made some of our wood furniture. I have an eclectic decorating style and love primitives and antiques. Hubby is avid hunter and fisherman so we have a cabin look to some of the house and a primitive style to the other. It somehow works great together. but many times I wish for an old old Victorian house or something I can change to fit my primitive style. So now you know my story.
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