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June 28, 2013 Exercise Notes

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I couldn't believe what a day I had. At first, the property maintenance guy said he would be over in the morning to install the dishwasher. Never called, never came. I wasted time cleaning out the stuff from under the sink, which is, by the way, still ALL on the counter taking up space, and I have company tomorrow! At about 9 I went to the gym. Riding the stationary bike, I tried hard not to start to hurt. Every day has been nothing but needle-pricking, nerve tingling, stabbing, and sharp pain. My hip. My shoulder. My arm. My knees. My ankle. My FEET. GOSH darn it, what do you know, my left foot started to burn like heck. I moved to a different style bike. It got worse! I threw my towel on the seat of the bike and noticed a woman nearby looking at me with a clear note of concern. I left the gym, angry and feeling defeated. I did NOT WANT to be defeated. I didn't give up. I went home, grabbed my bike and helmet, then jumped onto the bike. It felt hard. My breaks squealed more than usual. I forgot to turn on my music. Stopped. 15 minutes into the ride, and about to take a small hill, the music stopped on it's own. I NEED the pump up action of sound, darn it! I Stopped. My head started to feel hot as the heat started to turn up, which by the way, was probably close to 90. I felt like I was just dragging. I skipped the dirt trail I usually take. Feeling like I dooped myself, I added an extra steep hill to my route in order to feel better. Nonetheless, I had to stop midway because I was worried I'd have a heart attack. What's the deal? I've done that hill before, what in the world is up with me? I allowed my heart to slow a little, then continued the hill until I finished. Went back down the hill, scared because my breaks started making louder noises. I got down and around the corner to a slight incline, then swithced gears and continued on. A group of men and women stood outside their home playin with a little dog. They were all smiling. I was jealous of their good moods. A split-second later, my bike chain fell off. Stopped. Yanked, Pulled, snapped. Pinched my finger hard in the process. I think I cussed. I can't remember. Besides I had headphones on, so if nobody heard it, maybe I didn't? I felt like all of their eyes were on me. The chain finally clipped onto the track. I hoisted myself up again. Got up to a stop sign, almost didn't stop, a motorcycle passed by me without needing to stop. I wished he wasn't there, I didn't want to stop. I crawled closer as he came closer to passing me. He passed and turned his head. Then he ferociously turned behind to look at me again, clenching his fist. I know it wasn't a look of admiration. I am wearing my short shorts and I have ugly legs, why would it be positive attention? I figured he didn't like my close crawl. I didn't mean to get close. Another bicyclist passed me up at the light, then went onto the left side of the road, avoiding a stop at the red light. What a nerve. I mean, duh, he's going to cause an accident. I am even more frustrated at this point. The road narrows up ahead and there are always lots of cars both ways. How are they going to weave around us without an accident? I go through the green light, ride along and I'm riding, level 3. What? I never do level 3, this is a straight-away street. I soar at level 1. I push myself to use level 1. We are getting closer to the narrow area. The bicyclist stops. Thank God. I was not going to be happy if I had to stop after all I had worked to just get in a workout.

I finally, finally got home. I walked my bike inside, then realized the back wheel is slightly warped and rubbing. That is why the ride was so difficult? All of that frustration, and I actually worked harder than I realized? Maybe I'm not as out of shape as I thought... emoticon
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