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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Had a very pleasant holiday (Wed). Had to take my son to soccer, so I went to the gym. I wanted to get my 10k steps in so I went to check out a route I'd been thinking about. Drove in the area and the route turned out to be too boring. Just scrubs. There is very little traffic and it is a long stretch but no houses and it's not scenic. I decided it would be a good stretch to ride a bike, but not for running or walking. So then I decided to walk an old favourite from the gym, but by the time I got started, the sun was high in the sky. It was too hot, so I just went into the gym and walked on the treadmill and rode the spinning bike for 30 min. each. Then did 15 mins on the stepper and 10 mins on the elliptical. I was feeling real good and was about to do my abs and stretch. Checked my phone and saw a missed call and checked my voice message and found my son was ready to be collected. So I left to collect him - interrupted my workout. emoticon
Came home and cooked my dinner and managed to be busy enough and stayed within calorie range. I also prepared food for today. My son is doing soccer morning and evening. In between he is at home. I prepare something that can last a while - like spaghetti, lasagna, curry chicken - so he can eat on them all day. Otherwise, I'm buying food out every day to comply with my duty to feed ya child.

Did not stuff the chicken with the avocado cream. Ended up throwing the avocado cream away. Made a pizza on Friday with quinoa flour and turkey pepperoni. I increased the ratio of quinoa flour to white flour and added some ground flax seeds. I turned out well. I mixed the turkey pepperoni with original pepperoni. Couldn't taste the difference, the sauce and cheese had strong flavours.

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