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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

(Did I mention that I broke my half bridge Wednesday eveing of the July 4th weekend? Try and get a dentist then--so here is some of the rest of the story!)

Actually I was pretty lucky--the people I dealt with (not the dentist) were all nice even though I still have a broken bridge!!*:-O surprise *~X( at wits' end *:(( crying

Started off with calling my old dentist's office and she couldn't fit me in during the morning but could at 2 PM--I said okay knowing that was a mistake as it would take 2-3 hours to meld the pieces together (which happened last time)

After I got off the phone with Shanon I called my HMO--I explained to Chris that I had never used their dental insurance--he asked for my zip code and e-mail address--within 5 minutes i had a list of about 50 dentists PLUS he told me to tell them I had "The Complete Plan" --whatever that was--and he said I'll send it to you--he did and I went WOW! as there weren't charges for anything--just $0 after each item.

Went out to the old new (new old?) dentist and what I expected happened--the 2-3 hours to fix it unless I wanted to leave the pieces and pick them up tomorrow--I told her no way would I let anyone outside of her office see me without my bridge!!*:-< sigh Then she added the topper--it would cost $290!!! I told her it was fixed April 29 (same thing) and that Dr. Ribacoff only charged me $116 plus it has only been 2 months--she went into a whole song and dance about I should get a new one made out of a harder plastic or metal--I answered, smiling, "Just let me have the pieces back," and I left. (I really wasn't thinking or I would have askedformydentalrecords.)

I was going to treat Allen to lunch, for having to make 1 and a half round trips, at Cheddar's, but since I couldn't eat--NO WAY!!!*=)) rolling on the floor We'll go to Cafe Vico on Thursday (IF I can eat--let's get to that!) and I will pick up the check then. (MMM-- I also want to have the new pastrami sub at Subways but that will have to wait!)

When I got home I looked over the list of dentists and there was one not too far from The Dollar Tree so I called them. Bernice answered and she is worth her weight in gold--pleasant--could hear her smile over the phone--I told her all my woes--she checked if I had my dental insurance ID# (no)--told me how to get it--then she asked me when would it be convenient for me(!) to come in--I asked about Wednesday as I could get a ride from my HMO driver or TOPS--I didn't want Allen to do that hour+ trip again and, in any case he would be doing it Thursday--Bernice said what time and I said the afternoon and she asked if 2 PM was okay? PERFECT!!! She said the doctor would look at it and tell me whether he could fix it in the office or would ahve to senditoutandwe would go from there.*~^o^~ cheer

I mentioned the insurance paper and about the $0 no co-pay---she laughed and said all it means is either the insurance pays $0 or possibly they don't pay and I have to--though it would be cheaper with the insurance!!*:O) clown

After getting off the phone with Bernice I called my HMO transportation number and arranged pick up and come back rides so all is set.

The bottom line is since I still can't chew I'll just have to have ice cream again tonight.*;) winking



I'll start at the end!!! Waited for 2 and 1/2 hours to get picked up--I have a solution to that problem--seeing further down. I get free rides, which is great, under my HMO and by now I know most of the drivers--they always pick me up in time and, usually, pick me up when I call them when I am ready to go back--last week poor Della got the run around from her dispatcher and this time they messed up Chris's schedule--he apologized over and over and told him not to worry as I carry magazines and a book 'just in case'

I went to the new dentist--I told him what happened and what is happening--after X-rays and an examination he discussed the alternatives like fixing the current (he said it is called a 'flip' which I think Ribacoff described it)--break--he said it was never meant to be permanent--what he wanted to do was extract 3 teeth and make a real permanent bridge (as permanent as it can be at my age)--I said not yet after explaining what else was going on and I wanted to wait to get that settled or whatever came up-- this is strange but he explained that sine I always paid cash to Ribacoff over 30 years (he never carried the insurance I was on and I wanted him as my dentist) I could get a new flip for no charge (insurance would pay as he carried my insurance) but repairing the old one would cost $75 soIwent for the new one but it seems it will be a 4-5 week process. Besides it would take 2 days to get this one fixed which he said I should take with a grain of salt and I answered that's about all I can eat now--I like him as he laughed at that corny joke!! I explained no way would I go out in public withput it---as it is I am going to test it at Cafe Vico tomorrow--hey pasta is soft!

The new dentist is across the street from the Dollar Tree store so I made the appointments for Thursday at 3 PM--this way Allen and I can go for lunch then the Dollar Tree afterwards the dentist and then Winn-Dixie and CVS--this way I don't have to worry about waiting for a ride!

Tomorrow I have to go to my primary to get blood work for the MRIs which are now scheduled for July 18th at 12:15 (and the dentist at 3 PM!) plus I have to get paper signed by my primary to give to dentist regardign suspending coumindin when I have cleaning and/or extractions.

Hopefully all this will all be over before August!!

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