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A Tiny Taste

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One of my husband’s best friends from high school was visiting from Washington, D.C. yesterday. They decided to go to New York for the day – grab discount Broadway tickets from the TKTS booth, eat a gourmet cheeseburger from 5 Napkin Burger (which does have a fairly large selection of Gluten Free options), and otherwise wander around the city on a beautiful summer day. I was just in NYC for my brother’s birthday ( wp.me/p1N36Q-ci ), but was still slightly jealous, as I had to endure a particularly grueling day at work. Although my bed time approached and he was still out and about, he and his friend encouraged me to stay awake at home long enough for him to bring me a goodie. “They’re small treats,” he reassured me.

Try as hard as I did to stay awake, I was just too tired. So I went to bed – and I’m glad I did, because here’s what was waiting for me in the refrigerator when I woke up this morning:

This is a photo from Baked By Melissa’s Pinterest board ( pinterest.com/bakedbymel
). There were a dozen of these beauties packaged neatly and ready for me to gorge upon.

These were the real deal – wheat flour and all. I am not entirely sure what my husband was thinking here. I think he doesn’t realize that even the tiniest baked good will set me off in a binge frenzy. That whole box would have been gone before he finished his 15 minute commute to work, sending me on a continued sugar hunt for the rest of the day.

So I thanked him for thinking of me and sent him off to work with the box of cupcakes to share with his coworkers. We didn’t have a chance to discuss further – his friend had stayed the night, and was enjoying coffee with me. I just didn’t want to get into it with company present. I have already asked my husband to read my copy of Wheat Belly as soon as I am done with it – I will let him form his own opinion, I just want him to understand where I’m coming from.

Tiny cupcakes might be great for someone who can do things in moderation, but clearly that is not me. I like how this article puts it:


– you are either a moderator or an abstainer. Lessons learned over the past few months have indicated I’m better off avoiding wheat – and possibly sugar – completely.

But if only I could make it past a two week trial… This article on elimination diets ( www.shape.com/healthy-ea
) suggests the benefits of going two weeks without wheat and sugar – but also recommends eliminating soy, dairy, nuts, eggs, and citrus. I already am fairly confident that wheat and sugar aren’t serving me well. Soy I know to be questionable given its GMO status. Maybe I should throw corn in the eliminate list too (as recommended by The Happiness Diet - wp.me/s1N36Q-glutened ). But having a cheddar omelet with an orange and a glass of almond milk hasn’t really caused me any issues… I don’t think…

It would be great if everyone could get on the same page as far as what’s ok to eat and what’s problematic. This is beginning to get confusing. One thing I DO know is that tiny cupcakes from Baked by Melissa are definitely out of the question.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks all! I think - to be fair to DH - he might have been pushed into buying a box of these cupcakes for me by his friend. He probably didn't want to go into a lengthy explanation about why I'm not eating cupcakes, and made the assumption I'd send him to work with them anyway...
    1683 days ago
    I like the moderator vs abstainer idea. It really sheds insight to me (a moderator) on why others must make the tough decision to abstain in order to ensure their success. Thanks for sharing the article.

    As for your husband... hoooo boy. I'm sure he isn't meaning to sabotage your efforts, but it sounds like he really just added insult (poison treats that you can't enjoy) to injury (leaving you to a tough work day while he gallivanted around NYC.)
    Stay strong!! You did very well to avoid the temptation of those tiny bites.
    1683 days ago
    Sounds like you need to talk to your DH. The hardest part is getting rid of sugar in your diet (I am miserably failing at the current moment). Wheat is actually a lot easier to give up then sugar... good luck!
    1683 days ago

    You don't think he's deliberately sabotaging you do you?

    Maybe he thinks you worry too much about your weight and is trying to reassure you that you look great, so here, have a cupcake?

    I dunno. Guys. Reminds me of the year my DH bought me a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. And we don't have any carpeting. *facepalm*
    1684 days ago
    Yes he needs to read the book!!
    1684 days ago
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