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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I try to be a positive person, but some days are a LOT to handle. By lunchtime, I found myself on the brink of a really sour mood - not useful to me or to anyone around me. Here's how I beat it today - what other tips do you use to get out of a bad mood?

#1: Distraction. I found a friend to chat with for a few minutes about our crazy mothers (not the source of problems today, but always a good discussion topic).

#2: Change of scenery. I escaped from my desk at lunchtime for 20 minutes and took some of my work to my alternate office location in the late afternoon.

#3: Fitspiration. My problems weren't fitness related at all, but looking at a few healthy recipes and motivational stories reminded me that I'm more than just the aspects of my life that were entrenched in today's problems, and that it's worth it to keep doing the best I can for myself.

#4: Alternate problem resolution. I couldn't fix the things that were wrong, but I got a few lingering tasks off my list and at least felt good that I could get some things done.

#5: Hydration. Proper hydration clears your head...and a trip to the water cooler is a mini-version of items #1-3 :)

I also make sure to leave any office-related stresses at the office. No need to let them intrude on my Zumba practice or my awesome dinner - I wouldn't let a bad workout or a lame meal ruin my workday attitude, after all! I commute by public transportation and I use my short commute to play dumb games on my phone, read the news, catch up with friends, plan dinner, choreograph zumba, and relax into the evening.

Time to practice some zumba before class tonight.....
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