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Video blogs & Canadians

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Some people do video blogs. I thought about it but it seems so intimidating. Not only that, I am not quite sure how to set everything up. It's probably easier in reality than it is in my head. I enjoy when other people do video blogs. You can see the excitement in someone's face when they are talking about achievements or put a face to their spark name.

For those of you who have never done video blogs, do you like the idea? What stops you from doing it?

On a different note, something I noticed on sparks people is that the nicest people seem to be from Canada. Another thing is I noticed a few differences in language. If you come across a couple of Canadian shows, you will notice it too.

Americans pronounce the word " process differently than Canadians. There is a difference in the O sound. Here is an example of how Americans pronounce process. Click on the speaker next to the word to hear it: http://dictionary.reference.co

Also, I noticed that Canadians seem to pronounce every letter in the things they say. For example, the word "House." It seems to be said slightly differently.

It's NOT a judgment. It's just an observation. Anyway, it got me thinking.
Do you guys (Canadians) think Americans talk a little funny? emoticon

A question for everyone:
What is something you noticed that is said differently or spelled differently?

See, if we observed our health as much as we notice other things, we would all be in great shape!

emoticon Well, we'll just have to work on that! emoticon


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon Hey I think everybody talks funny...except ME!!

    But seriously, there are some differences in the way people pronounce words due to regional accents, but as long as we understand one another its all good!

    And thanks for thinking that Canadians are nice. We are, and humble too!!
    I have met so many nice people on this web site. It is a blessing to have encouraging and supporting Spark friends!
    1417 days ago
    The unofficial American accent is from Ohio (they're considered the heartbeat of America especially when it comes to elections). Thus, if you don't pronounce words like they do in Ohio, then you are considered to have a regional accent. Most accents derrive from the main country of origin of the first settlers in each region. They've blended somewhat over time, but there is obviously a big difference between New York, Mississippi, and Iowa. Every country has small differences in dialect between areas in the country/region, even without a large landmass (like the UK).

    The reason Americans spell words like 'favorite' and 'neighbor' differently than the rest of the English speaking world is because of the Simplified Spelling Board's efforts, with support from Roosevelt, in 1906. http://history1900s.about.com/od/19

    As for video blogs, I won't do them because I don't have a webcam or easy way to record video of myself. Plus I don't really like them because I'm usually running several windows at once and don't want to take the time to load the video then sit and watch it - especially when some people will ramble on without a direction. When it's written, it loads easily, I can reread sections easier than rewatching them, and if I want to open the page in a tab but not read it until later, then it can sit there for awhile without slowing down my system.
    1417 days ago
    I haven't tried the video blog. I am intimidated and not sure if I will ever do one. But who knows. Might get into one of my adventurous moods some day. Have a great one!
    1417 days ago
    I don't know but some of my American acquaintances seem to think we speak differently and ask us to say certain words. I don't always hear it my self.

    Well, Canadians like Americans also have regional accents. Not so much in B.C. but in other provinces they like to add an "eh" at the end of sentences. We tend to pronounce the "out" in out and about more. We use the British spellings for words but the American spellcheck tends to edit it out. We spell favorite "favourite" and "neighbor as "neighbour" We really pronounce the "oos" in roof and some Americans seem to say it like a bark "ruff". When I was in the southern US in some very rural towns I needed subtitles for some people. Hard to make out the accent.

    That being said the Westcoast of North America all sounds fairly similar be us Canucks or Americans. I love that Bostonian accent and lots of southern ones as well. The southern ones sometimes almost sound English to me. A New York or a New Jersey accent is always kind of hip sounding to me. emoticon
    1418 days ago
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