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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What is it with Sparkpeople and running or walking? (No offense meant)

Is there anyone who is a member here on SP that does not walk or run?

Is running/walking easier than other exercises?

Why the constant emphasis? (It seems that is the easier workout advice here)

Well, I started running/walking with sparkpeople (somehow I also got caught up) and now all that is in my head is to keep running (when nothing is chasing, lol) and keep getting fitter by the day.

I still need answers to this questions.

Lastly, Do you run/walk as a form of exercise? Why do you or don't you?
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    Yes, I'm one of those who don't walk or run for workout (unless you count that walking in shopping malls or running trying to catch trains LOL).

    I did try several times in past, even bought myself a nice running shoes but it's either the world or myself against me that I found it's not quite fun as what others think, haha. Perhaps because I always do it alone but I don't really like with anyone else when I'm exercising (except in aerobic dance classes).

    I think running and walking has been popularized by lots of things - media, famous people, fitness websites, articles, researches, etc etc - that it's not surprising in SparkPeople, there's lots of emphasizes compare to other exercises.

    Personally, I think jump rope is the cheapest cardio equipments. You can jump anywhere with bare foot as long as the ground is not too hard for those jumping. Walking and running will needs shoes which costs more than a jump rope (yeah, there's barefoot styles but don't you think it might be quite dangerous running around outdoors with possibility to get your feet pricked or cut, hehe).

    Anyhow, I found SparkPeople from Coach Nicole's 10-min Jump Rope workout in YouTube :D
    1535 days ago
    Wow, wow, wow. These answers are so awesome, in my opinion just like others I think those two workouts are the freest and cheapest workout you can have. You can do it anywhere and all your need are your shoes and good wears and of course a good surface to run on. And considering the fact that SP is also a free site, everything seems to be in place.

    emoticon emoticon
    1535 days ago
    Well running and walking are not the only forms of exercise even here on sparkpeople. Although they are free and easily accessible. Because you just need yourself and your neighborhood. Me I do walks, jogs, mow the lawn for exercise. Play soccer or basketball with the kids for exercise, or yard work. I also have walking dvd's for the too hot days and I don't want to go outside to walk days. I do kickboxing videos, and 30 day shred videos. I know many people who also zumba, hula hoop, hip hop videos even for losing weight, biking, things at the gym. Endless possibilities. The main goal is to keep everyone motivated and moving in some way for their health. Wishing you luck in what you find motivating and fun to do. *HUGS*
    1536 days ago
    When I started Sparkpeople 5 years ago I had no money and walking was about all I could do because I was so so so overweight. Maybe that's why Spark recommends it. Its the one thing most anyone can do. I was so fat at the time that I could even do yoga without losing my balance. Seriously. Walking not only gave me something tangible I could do but also helped me clear my head. Much of my overeating was due to things in my life I wasn't dealing with and walking helped me step out of the chaos and connect with my inner peace and strength which eventually led me to take much needed action and turned my life around as the weight fell off. In time I was able to do other things also and have shifted recently from walking to biking more but still find walking to be a real staple. I have the weighted shoes so when I walk more I see results in the toning of my inner thighs so I really love it for that. But to each their own. One of the wonderful things about Spark is there is no one way to do this. May you enjoy the journey in good health !
    1536 days ago
    I do CrossFit... 4 times a week.. and I do 2-3 cardio workouts that are either walking, swimming or biking.. I don't do 5ks, or 13.1 or 26.2 but I do back squat 135lbs! LOL I wish I reeeeeaaaallyy liked it so that I could be on the "in" crowd.. but ugh.. I don't..

    1536 days ago
    Can't run due to arthritis but I walk. It is an easy exercise regardless of size, and is free.
    1536 days ago
    I read an article on Yahoo (from the editors of Runner's world) on "4 reasons running is best for weight loss." The two that they highlighted are that it's time-efficient and convenient (no equipment needed & you can do it just about anywhere).

    I run because it's therapeutic for me, I get to clear my head and refocus during a run. Plus it just feels awesome to get my heart and lungs going for a while; I think it creates a soothing rhythm and has a very calming effect.
    1536 days ago
    Can't run- too old- too fat. Don't walk- have MS, fall too much! I ride a health rider (throw back from the 90's) and an exercise bike!
    1536 days ago
    I am not a big fan of tends to cause more injuries, especially the kind that take longer to heal. I don't mind short, high intensity runs though, those keep my metabolic fires raging long after the workout is done.....I prefer BodyWeight excercises- it forces me to have a stronger core, stronger bone density, build muscle and I burn more fat, all using my BodyWeight.....

    Having said all that lol, -I think we should do what we love and are passionate about whatever excercise that is!!
    1536 days ago
    I believe it is because it is something that people who are able to walk can do. There is room for growth through extending the distance and speed. It doesn't cost anything other than a good pair of shoes (which makes it far more pleasurable). I am not sure that running is for everyone, but most people can walk and push themselves doing it.

    I do a mix of walking and running. Eh, probably should say jogging because I am an awful runner. Had reached a point where I didn't want to walk as long (boring) and running got the heart pumping. Going any kind of distance makes me crazy with boredom. Just discovered the trails and enjoyed it, so who knows I may just become someone who finds the elusive zone everyone talks about.

    My workout of choice is strength training, plyo, zumba, mix of DVDs and the latest jump rope. I am not good at many but have fun doing it. Fun is a huge factor in keeping me doing something:)
    1536 days ago
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