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Fail and fail again

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The old me is trying to throw in the towel. But the new me seems to be stronger than that. :)

The last two days I tried restarting my streak only to fail both days. The problem was getting enough water (150 oz). After the first failed day, I told myself to give it one more try or I would make some changes. Tuesday wasn't any better, so today I lowered it to 100 oz and will gradually work up to 150.

So far my streaking hasn't had many dietary points. No chips, no candy except for my cheat day, otherwise, I eat what I want. I know this needs to and will change in the future, but right now I am concentrating on getting a consistent workout. However, today I made some good choices. Choices I would not have made in the past. Choices I didn't think I would make since I am home and trying to enjoy familiar food as much as I can before going back to Taiwan.

First - while I was in the grocery store this morning to pick up a few things, I contemplated getting some Totino's pizza rolls and other frozen goodies...but I passed.

Second, as I was getting ready to leave the grocery store, I passed a display of freshly cut fruit on my way to find the hostess snacks. I looked at the price and thought "meh" and put it back. I took like two steps away to find the Hostess snacks and the voice in my head went "why are you willing to pay money for that junk but not for this fruit?" I picked up the fruit again and did not find the Hostess snacks.

Third, after my workout, I had a 20 min drive home and debated where I wanted to stop on the way home ( I haven't been to Arby's yet and I love Arby's) And I couldn't talk myself into it. Or any other place either. They just didn't sound appealing. I thought about the eggs and toast I had at home and that was that.

I know that at some point before I go home I will have fast food at least once...and who knows, maybe find those hostess snacks. But I will remember today and be pleasantly surprised that I am definitely thinking twice about the bad food and even have to put forth an effort to convince myself I want it, which I really don't. It proves to me that some good habits are sticking well but I do still have some work to do mentally. I still have old habits that want to assert themselves and I know that I'm not always this strong to fight them.

Day 1 streak is almost over. I did the workout I needed to do, and half the water so far. Happy Hump Day!
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    1529 days ago
    Congrats on the good choices! =) I've done that between the fresh cut fruit and other not so goodies of choice... =) It's always good when the fresh fruit wins! =) As for the water... I know for me, (and I'm a pretty hefty gal)... I don't drink anything else,... (well.. except that morning coffee...) And I stay really well hydrated. I work out every day and when I do I sweat something awful. I try to go every other day... one working really hard, (heartrate around 150-160) and the other days I try to take it easy (heartrate between 120-130)... on the hard days, I can easily to 128oz, but I generally have the first couple glasses down before I get to Curves. The other days... it's more like 96 oz. For me, that is quite a bit of water. I do supplement with G2 (gatorade) in the form of frozen G2 in little tiny ice cube trays. Just to get some of those electrolytes replaced. You want to keep an eye on that. If your sweat doesn't taste salty, your electrolytes are getting thin. (Or that's what I grew up to believe...) Anyway... high fives on those good choices!!! And yes, everything will come along with baby steps. If I'd started drinking this much water, I'd have floated down the river on day one. =)

    Keep up the great work!
    1536 days ago
    Congratulations on your decision to pick the fruit over the Hostess. Very wise choice and lots of strength. Glad you can think good about yourself just today, because today is the only day that you have. You can't take care of tomorrow until it gets here. The only thing I would like to comment on is the huge amount of water you are striving for. Have you asked your doc about this. Careful on the water - can cause water intoxication and wash out too many electrolytes. Only 6-8 8oz glasses is recommended during the day. You are doing so good on the other choices, you will be successful.
    1536 days ago
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