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Riding with Joe and my new worst enemy

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Well, there for a few days, life was quiet and there wasn't really much to write about, then JoeF2F and I went bike riding on Saturday. It would have been nicer with more of the crowd, but Joe was great company and we're looking to expand our little group. Joe has a buddy to invite, and I had two people ask to come along next time. One was J. I've always joked that I'm not sure I want him around 7 days a week, but he's always fun to be around, and he would be good for the trip. A surprise came from Facebook. I use Map My Ride to track my bike rides and I let that one to go Facebook. The lovely woman who sang at my wedding 31 years ago said I should let her know next time I'm going out, and she would come along if she could. So, Joe, we could be 2, or we could dominate the trail.

We all have smells that we associate with growing up, and one of my favorite is the smell of roasting peanuts. Once upon a time, before Hershey bought the place, 5th Avenue candy bars were manufactured in my city, and the smell of roasting peanuts could be smelled over most of the city. I recently altered the path I take to work and now travel through Hershey, PA (speaking of Hershey) and am often greeted by that same aroma, as they roast peanuts for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. If you're salivating now, STOP IT! I'll not be responsible for your food failure. I've largely overcome the peanut butter cup cravings. It used to be that I wouldn't go into a store that carried them without buying a pack. If I said I never indulge any more, I'd be lying, and I wouldn't do that to you. Still, I can say I don't go after them nearly as often. So that really just makes peanut roasting days that much more special.

I rarely travel, and mostly when I do, we're going to visit my father-in-law. Early this week, I had the opportunity to travel to Blair County, PA (Hey Cortney-Lee) for training for work and they put us up in this very adequate motel. I was really kind of enjoying the experience. It was a little odd to have to Skype DW, and I did my Puppy Fuzz (her Evilness), but I had lots of company out of the room and a busy schedule during the work day. Getting out of the shower, I was greeted by the reflected image of this gargantuan individual. I don't have a mirror in the house that reflects the lower part of my body. It's not a decision. It's just that I don't really use them except to groom and don't need one that shows more. I've got to confess, that was one of the most awful moments I've experienced in a long time. Not that it's going to get me down. I'm more motivated than ever to work on my biggest areas. I knew where they were, I just didn't realize how much clothing hid it.

Somewhere underneath all that bulk is a fit "End of the Baby-Boom"er just waiting to mug for the cameras. I AM going to have to buy a full-length mirror, I think.
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  • JOE14250
    Let's schedule a ride and get em out. Way to go Scott!
    1682 days ago
    Roasting peanuts - wonderful.
    1685 days ago
  • PATTYR81
    Ahhhhh goodies!!! memories are calorie free! emoticon plus NO DUMPING! emoticon

    Reading your blogs always makes me smile! Had my own mirror adventure a few days ago and just HAD to bust out laughing!!!! emoticon
    1685 days ago
    Way to go! Excellent realization and honesty! I only love PBC around Halloween. I don't know why but any other time of the year they gross me out! I hope to get together with everyone for another bike ride very soon. Keep up the excellent job!
    1686 days ago
  • BBECKER1955
    Ah, fresh roasted peanuts - I can smell them now. Walking down Warren Street, carrying my mother's bags and driving her crazy until I got a bag. Thanks for bringing back the memory.
    1686 days ago
    When you mention PB, I get flashbacks to my first dumping syndrome episode!
    One year my cousin, who lives in Washington, brought us some PB cups and Hershey Kisses. So even someone down here in the sticks knows what they taste like.
    Recently our shops started selling M&Ms.
    US culture can be found everywhere, even in the Lowveld.
    I am so glad my RNY cancelled my love for chocolate. May that aversion last forever.
    I have a full lenth mirror with a bump in my bathroom. If you stand at exactly the right spot, you look a whole lot thinner. I know exactly where that tile is.
    Good for the confidence.
    I am so glad you are assembling a posse of bikers. Now you can have fun in nature on your bike, as well as good conversation.
    Glad you're back, Brother!

    1686 days ago
    Scott, I love reading your blogs. I won't go out and by clothes because of all the mirrors in the dressing room-- Just grab something and pay for it, if it don't work I will just march it back to the store.---- a great way to add exercise to my day---Nothing ever fits, LOL

    In my younger years my car was known to make u-turns in the middle of the road for a 5th Avenue. It has a mind of its own-- I keep telling it no but my car wouldn't listen. I think " Thing " from Adams Family had control
    1686 days ago
    Way to go Scott! You are doing a great job! Such self-control and discipline, you will reach your goals! I am glad that you are enjoying your bike, I love riding my bike. I hope to get out again with you guys soon.
    I won't speak about the PBC because I am salivating! Fortunately, there are none anywhere close by. I am not going to buy any!
    Keep up the battle!
    1686 days ago
    You are BRAVE to buy that mirror, Scott! =) We have one above the bathroom sink that doubles as a medicine cabinet and it's one of those tri divided mirrors. Everything looks wide in there because I fit onto all three mirrors at once. =) So when I get in front of one solid mirror, it's usually pretty refreshing... of course... finding one naked, just coming out of the shower... not so sure I wouldn't have a total meltdown. =) Just sayin'. =)

    You and your bike rides.... I've made the decision... I think I want to go bike shopping.... =) If I wear my knee braces and stay on the paved trails, it shouldn't be too hard on the knees,... should it?? =)

    And as for peanut butter cups... I absolutely LOVE them, but they give me the WORST wicked awful heartburn in the WORLD. =) So none for me, thanks. =)
    1686 days ago
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