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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So, I began using Medifast on 06/11/13 and to be honest, from the very start I have been skeptical. In the past I have done Jenny Craig (3 times) and ended up losing some weight, but when I could no longer afford the food I just gained back what I had lost and never came close to reaching my goal.

Then I tried the Prism diet . . . but it felt like Prison! Too much detailed tracking for me. Too many rules. I lost about 9 lbs in 4 weeks on that and then didn't lose anymore as I just couldn't stick to the plan strictly enough.

I did the 3-hour diet. This one I liked! It worked, I felt good, I lost 16 lbs and 2 sizes, and at the time there was wonderful online support. I enjoyed the recipes that I made (using the 3-hr diet cookbook) and the whole family could eat together. Then Jaime Cruise, the author of the 3-hr diet, let the online support page kind of die while he was authoring his new book. When it came out I was excited to see what he had to say and how I could lose the rest of the weight. BAM! He did an about face on the 3 hour diet it seemed to me. His new plan told me not to eat the receipes that were in his cookbook. Really confused me! I kind of stuck with the 3 hour diet for a bit longer, then we moved and I got off track.

Next I tried the C.H.I.P. (Coronary Health Improvement Project). This is a Vegan plan. I did it for 6 weeks. I did not lose any weight, however my cholesterol levels improved dramatically and my husband and son both lost a lot of weight. We all felt great. It is a very labor intense plan though and requires a lot of time to cook. I ended up going back to work a couple months later and the need for quick meals did me in.

Then I tried Weight Watchers. I liked the point system . . . to a point. I liked chosing what I wanted to eat, but sometimes it was difficult to find point values for some items and after a while I found I wasn't being careful. I would guess at the points.

Next I did two months of Boot-Camp. A serious exercise program that I thought would kill me! And while I suffered everyday during the exercise, I did find that I was getting really strong. I was amazed at how good I was feeling! However, after two months of this, I hadn't lost any weight. How is that possible?!?!

At this point I developed a bad attitude. If dieting and exercising weren't working, why even try. Just accept being fat and enjoy eating. So, I did . . . well the eating part anyway. And I went up to my heaviest weight ever. I hit 200! And I found myself unable to enjoy things that I wanted to enjoy . . . like going snowmobiling - was barely able to find snow pants that I could squeeze into. Found myself saying "I guess I'm too fat to have fun anymore". I realized I am not ready to accept being fat.

I did some studying and decided that I perhaps needed to have my hormones checked. I went to a hormone specialist. She checked everything!!! And there was some tweaking to be done. In addition, she did thyroid tests that showed issues there as well.

So, here I am - again. I decided to try medifast for a couple of reasons. One - it looked easy. Two - it was backed by doctors. Right from the start I have been thinking, "well, here goes another couple months on a plan that will start off great and probably end in failure".

So, I have just finished one month on the plan. Here is how it is going so far:

Day 1- 3: The first taste of the first meal - yuck! But, I've spent the money, so I will stick with it for at least a couplde weeks. I felt really hungry the first three days and watched the clock with eager anticipation of eating my next not-so-tasty meal. I absolutely LOVED every bite of my lean and green meal each day and was surprised at how much I was allowed to eat for that meal.

Day 4 -7: The hunger went away. I started to feel really good. And my taste buds adjusted. I actually found the food to taste ok. I read that mixing the drinks in a blender with ice instead of in the blender bottle, would improve the taste. So I told myself that I could get a personal blender when I lost the 1st 10 lbs.

WEEK 1 Weight loss: 7 LBS! Okay, I had never lost that much in the 1st week of any plan. However, I was at a new high when I started. So I had more to lose!!

Week 2: Weight loss slowed down. I am a little relieved as I had started to worry about loose skin! Still losing. Plan in easy. Like my lean and green meals a lot! Found a couple of the Medifast meals that I think are terrible, but am enjoying others.

WEEK 2 Weight loss: 3 lbs. Total loss 10 lbs.

Week 3: Seems loss has slowed more, but following the plan is still super easy. One area I am not doing well with is water intake. I really need to work on that. Half way through the week my husband and I had to make an emergency 4 day trip to see his sister who is dying. I stayed on plan the 1st 1/2 of travel day and then went off the Medifast foods the rest of the time. I was careful at first, but as the trip went on, I pretty much ate what I wanted.

WEEK 3 Weight loss: 4 lg. GAIN. I could tell there was a lot of water weight as my fingers became swollen while on the 4 day trip.

Week 4: Back on plan fully. Had to go through 2 - 3 days of feeling kind of tired and weak. Fully adjusted again. My new blender made a HUGE difference! Wow! Now my shakes are super yummy!! And I have expiermented with adding flavors. Love it!!!

WEEK 4 Weight loss: 6.5Lbs. Total weight loss to date 12.5 lbs.

So far I find that Medifast is easy to follow - even when eating out! My taste buds have adjusted and I like the food. I haven't had any cravings that were so strong I couldn't resist.

I am still skeptical . . . this was the first month . . . the honeymoon period. We'll see if this is a relationship that can last through 43 more lbs.

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